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What do you think was the cause of this all my ROOSTER Potatoes where eaten away Cheers




Mice,rats,shrews or some such mammal would be my guess!

6 Sep, 2012


Slugs possibly Tg?

6 Sep, 2012


I did think of that Mg but I thought the hole was rather large for them.

Plus the fact it looks like that particular potato has been out of the ground for a bit.

But it it is another possibility!

6 Sep, 2012


Thanks i think it will be SLUGS.
Thy were only in the ground for a couple of months

6 Sep, 2012


PS i think it was all the rain

6 Sep, 2012


it wouldnt be shrews as they are very agressive predetors and pound for pound ond of the most ferocious mammalian predetors on the plannet having to eat there own body weight in food every day as they like humming birds have a very high metabolic rate and they eat raw sugar realy .

6 Sep, 2012


If they looked like this when you dug them up then - yes - I'd go with slugs...

6 Sep, 2012


yes me 2 cheers mg

7 Sep, 2012


ditto .

8 Sep, 2012


OK I'm out voted :o)) I still say a mouse! ;o))

8 Sep, 2012



11 Sep, 2012


We are all just guessing it could be a mouse.

13 Sep, 2012

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