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Hi does anyone know what this silver bush is. Its growing in our local park all on its own so i think its been dropped by a bird and germinated. Its about 3foot high. Not seen any flowers on it yet.

2012_09_01_16.47.43 2012_09_01_16.47.49



Looks like a Lavatera ( commonly called Mallow )

6 Sep, 2012


i know what it is i think but it doesnt have a common name and im to dyslexic to remember its latin name . if its what i think it is it will get bigger than that and have quit a lot of dark pinkish flowers .

6 Sep, 2012


Are you thinking of lavatera Nosey? The leaves are a similar shape but not usually so silvery.

6 Sep, 2012


Could it be the white (aka silver ) poplar?

6 Sep, 2012


Yes with no flowers white poplar is probably more likely than my lavatera answer

7 Sep, 2012


yews steragram thanx for that xx .

8 Sep, 2012

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