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rowlawn rip off!!!

ordering rowlawn turf today.
quote direct from rowlawn. 129.34 incl vat and FREE delivery
their local supplier to me, London turf co same amount of rowlawn turf incl vat 62.40!!!

rang rowlawn to find out why there is such a big discrepancy to get a shirty woman just stating their suppliers can charge what they like! I asked how they can justify charging so much more to be told the same thing, their suppliers can charge what they like. I actually said to her well that will lose you business from people, but then realised it won't as their suppliers still buy from them!
she saidost people buty direct from rowlawn. yes and they are wasting lots of money!
I bought their topsoil a few weeks ago and got it 30 quid cheaper from their supplier. crazy!!
gardeners beware!



I don't see it as a rip-off, it is business. In a free market they can charge whatever they want and it is up to the purchaser to either accept the price or look elsewhere. Be gratefull for the free delivery. If I had ordered from them they would have charged a fortune to deliver it to me in Outer Mongolia - sorry, I mean northern Scotland.

3 Sep, 2012


I agree its up to the buyer to shop around, suppliers can do it in bulk and guarantee large quantities where as 1 gardener wants turf - a lawn size amount and only once, lot more work involved etc. I recently bought a cooker and the price ranged from £700 to £1000 depending who I got it from. True what they say 'buyer beware'.

3 Sep, 2012


Sorry if our price structure was not fully explained to you. However, the situation you have encountered is quite common when comparing prices for online purchases across different websites or when comparing online purchase with in-store purchase. On Rolawn Direct we show the total delivered price for turf, whereas other online traders, including London Lawn as an example, show the product price and then add any relevant haulage charges on at a later stage in the order process.

On Rolawn Direct the price also varies according to quantity and delivery location, with the cost of delivery built in.

Collections are available from Rolawn depots and stockists nationwide and may be a better option, particularly for smaller quantities of turf, as in this case.

Our stockists determine their own pricing which can vary for a number of reasons including quantity, delivery location and delivery method, so it is worth comparing different options to see which is most suitable for your specific requirements.

If you have any further requirements, our Customer Services Team will be happy to advise on stockist details and the different options available to you on 0845 604 6080.

13 Sep, 2012


Not sure I agree with your argument Rolawn as you say "On Rolawn Direct we show the total delivered price for turf". Sure enough your delivered turf was 129.34 incl vat and the other quote was incl vat 62.40 plus delivery. If your delivery was free then your turf is double the price regardless of delivery costs?

13 Sep, 2012

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