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Earlier this year we planted out a small new marginal/bog area around a series of more formal ponds. The soil was part imported from elsewhere in the garden. THIS creature is not anywhere else in the garden and was not planted deliberately. We first thought it was a day lily, but now it is getting more like a triffid every day - and is spreading sideways as well. It seems to love the permanently wet soil.

Can anyone give us an idea as to what it is, so we can decide whether we should keep it or ...?

Many thanks




Keep it as its either an Iris or a lily.

3 Sep, 2012


Thanks Drc726. We are not yet totally convinced by iris or lily as it has spread upwards and sideways very rapidly. It first appeared only about three months ago and has grown up to nearly four feet already - as well as sending up four 'suckers' up to a foot or so away! Any ideas of suspected type so we could research more?

3 Sep, 2012


I'm not convinced it is an iris or a lily but I'm afraid I don't know what it is.

3 Sep, 2012


maybe bull rush being as it likes the wet,they spread by rhyzomeatous [spelling?] roots.last week cleaned out a gutter 35feet high that was holding water and there was some very healthy rushes growing,all the plants were still root connected

3 Sep, 2012


Oh thats a shame if it is Kev, as they are far too invasive for a small area.

3 Sep, 2012


Kev - we think that you may well be right, although to be pedantic, we think that they would probably be Typha (Reed Mace) rather than 'bull rush' (which we believe is a common misnomer for Typha, when real bull rushes are actually Scirpus). We will probably cut back the spreading shoots and let one flower to see what happens. If Typha, then they will regrettably have to go - although, curiously, they sit close by a containerised Typha Minima, which will hopefully be much less invasive.

Thanks everyone!

3 Sep, 2012


I'd go with Typha latifolia, reedmace, I've had it before. not for long as it is a thug.

4 Sep, 2012

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