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When will my apple tree be ready to harvest

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If you know the name of your apple tree you can Google it and see if you can find whether early/middle/late season. An early apple is Discovery. Gone by now or on the ground. Some trees are late ripeners but no different in blossom time than others that ripen earlier. Some apples hang well on the tree and taste better after a few cold nights and store well too. Best way to decide if ripe to eat is to cup the apple in your hand and raise it gently, if it comes away easily, it may be ready to eat or use for a pie. Try not to tug if you value your fruiting spurs

3 Sep, 2012


We've an old family tree, no idea of the varieties but one in particular is a really lovey apple when picked and eaten there and then, put it in the fruitbowl even for a day and it loses its texture and flavour turning into cotton wool. As Dorjac says when at their best they fall into your hand

3 Sep, 2012

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