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How do i make two levels on my garden please?

Northants, United Kingdom Gb

I am laying raised decking in my garden. The only thing is the garden is on a slope and there for needs to have two levels. (i will have steps going down onto turf where the lower level will be..) I will have membrane with slate or nice stones on below the decking. I then need to drop the level down where i will have the turf but need ideas on how to hold the garden up and how to do this.. Please please help as summer is booming and would love to get this done asasp




i would find wear you want your devision.dig down there to the lower level and allow for footings .then put a brick or heavy block wall across and throw any dirt level on the top bit when the walls set.then build your decking just over the wall so you cant see may need some more soil or you may need to get rid of some.if your lucky it will be about could use wood but it will rot sooner or later thow .

10 May, 2009


Can you give us a picture to work with?
Our garden is/was dead flat. To create slopes I have excavated deep hollows and thrown the soil up onto adjacent ground to raise it. The sides of the hollows are either sloped for planting or retained by walls built from stones scavenged from local farmers fields.

10 May, 2009

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