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I have a banana plant, which I would like advise on how to seperate please?


By Dantan

United Kingdom Gb

Please could anyone advise me on how best to separate my banana plant, from the smaller growing shoots. I have uploaded a picture of my banana plant, hoping this may help. Would really appreciate all helpful hints and tips. Thanks again




Hi, this isn't advice from experience it is from a book I have, hope it may be helpful:

"Banana's produce offsets or suckers which can be removed, the offsets should be potted singly and keep at 21oc until established, new plants may need sheltering from wind."

1) Cear soil away to expose sucker's point of origin. Use a large sharp knife to cut downwards and detach the sucker with as many roots as possible.

2) Fill in soil around parent plant. Dust cut surface (of sucker) with a fungicide. Remove any lareg or damaged leaves from sucker to prevent water loss. Pot into a container just a little larger than root stock, at the same depth as before. Label, water and grow on in warm shaded place.
(source: RHS Propagating Plants)

Good luck with your Banana.

10 May, 2009


Funny banana plant that is. Looks just like a little boy, lol.

10 May, 2009


Thankyou for your response, I shall give it a go. You have been very helpful, in taking the time to find all this out for me. It is very appreciated.
And sorry for any confusion of the pictures uploaded, one is a banana plant, the other is my grandson (I uploaded the wrong picture first) lol

11 May, 2009

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