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rhubarb what is the large clump and what should i do with it shirley

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re rhubarb
we have one plant and this year it has produced a large clump.
what is it and what do we do with it




you snap of outwards the red stems.cut the leaves of and the other end.cut into inch long bits skinning it as you go.then id look for a recipe .you cook it with sugar and quite litteraly a splash of water.

3 May, 2009


Hello Lockport,
I presume you mean the big knob on the top , that means it is going to seed. One of my plants I picked it off today had gone to seed and I noticed one of my daughters plants has done the same, it seems rather early for them to seed, but just pull that stalk with the seed head on and diguard it. if you want to enjoy your Rhubarb dont let it go to seed.

3 May, 2009


Does not look as if you rhubarb has enough growth to harvest for eating... as Telme* says just pull out the flower head and compost. Newly planted rhubarb needs feeding to grow well and produce a god crop... they are not fussy as to what you feed them on, my father used to use horse manure.

3 May, 2009


Enlarging on the question of what is the knob on top! Rhubarb should not be picked the first year and then one would advise to harder pick one plant this year and rest the next year dont over pick a plant as you only have one plant I would suggest plenty of dung if you are able to get it or compost in the Autumn after die back.

3 May, 2009

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