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Transplanting Cordylines? +Photos

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Transplanting Cordyline? Two Cordys actually.

I am sure many would like to know the answer as there are(!) living examples who was successful at transplanting their Cordyline plant.

Mine are getting yellow and brown a month and a half after transplanting (one is approx 10ft, the second half that size). Can anything be done to help them establish?

Their roots have been cut as they have been moved from someone else's garden which they outgrew: the tall one had 2-3 very long large roots and the small one had a number of roots growing sideways mainly..

What's the correct procedure? Will feeding them help?

On plant Cordyline

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How often are you watering them?

Most transplanted trees/ shrubs need quite a bit of water after transplanting.

This hot spell might be dehydrating them rather quickly hence the browning.

Feeding is not quite as important.

27 May, 2012


hi, thanks for your quick reply. The soil here seems very wet so we did not water them during the rainy period, but they are watered and the leaves are sprayed every evening now during this hot weather.

27 May, 2012


I am reading a solution called Seasol is recommended to stimulate root re-growth. Is it available in the UK or is there an alternative?

27 May, 2012


or bury a pipe next to the roots as you can directly water them then .

28 May, 2012


ok, thank you all for the replies. The suggestion here seems to be the only one - to water them aplenty. Possibly, it is this recent heatwave that is dehydrating them, and the yellowing was not noticeable during the rainy days.

My only concern is that these are not just trees but Mediterranean palms and their preferred soil is 'well drained'. How do I also check and / or make sure that they are not over-watered and the old roots do not rot?

I am especially worried(!) about this as during the rain pools of water just stood on the ground and the soil is still very wet a few inches below the surface. Could the yellowing / browning have started because the roots are rotting?

28 May, 2012


some of the lower branches will naturaly yellow and die . i still think you need plenty of water till you see a sign of growth . it was a bad time to move them realy . just keep ya fingers crossed .

29 May, 2012

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