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3 groups of hair about 2inch in diameter have suddenly grown in my border why?



do you mean actual hair or a hair like green leaf?
a photo would help.

25 Apr, 2009


its tufts of what looks and feels like hair.. must be at least 100 2inch high individual soft dark grey shoots in each clump

26 Apr, 2009


ref growing in my borders

26 Apr, 2009


It probably is a grass species. There are many grass varieties. Take some and go to your local nursery. They are bound to be able to advice you what it is and what to do with it. Perhaps someone is coming up from underneath, hair of his head? LOL.

26 Apr, 2009


I have encountered this in my garden when cats have not buried their poo very deeply and as it decomposes hair grows from it like a mould. The vet says it happens because cats have alot of hair in their bowels from grooming which goes into the soil. If you dig it up you might find this is what it is. Of course it may not be this at all but it sounds very much like what I have had happen in my garden!

26 Apr, 2009


if its a grass it will take a little bit to snap it.if not and its fungas it will be brittle

26 Apr, 2009


ref hair growing in my borders..... jude 10 ..i think youve got it

26 Apr, 2009


give it a short back and sides lol

26 Apr, 2009

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