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My garden has some dead tree stumps in it, theybare in a row about 12 of them and tightly packed together i presume they were firs or conifers or something, the roots are very deep and i cannot dig any out!! I got a quote and its about 250 to remove them! Aything else i can do remove, hide or make them vanish?!



You could bore holes in them and pour in a root rotting solution. If they are conifers they are unlikely to start growing again or send out runners so you could use the £250 to cover them over with soil and stick in a few stones, preferably large ones, then disguise it as a rockery.

4 Mar, 2012


If you can get a JCB close enough it will rip the stumps out in minutes.
We had one conifer stump that we couldn't get out. I cut it as low to the ground as I could then built a stone wall round it. The space was filled with soil and compost and now forms a nice raised bed for alpines.

4 Mar, 2012


I'm trying growing climbers over some of my dead trees. This creates an unusual result, a mound of clematis instead of an upright plant, have seen this in a couple of gardening magazines ages ago so thought it was worth a try. A cheap and cheerful solution- clematis were £1.89 at Aldi.

4 Mar, 2012


We also have a Clematis alpina over a birch stump. We had the stump cut at 6ft many years ago. It looks fantastic when the clematis is in flower and then in seed.

4 Mar, 2012


Unfortnately i couldnt get a jcb to it. I love the other ideas though. I would have never thought of disguising as a rockery or building a raised bed, the trees are definately not showing signs of re growing. I could cut them down a bit nearer to the ground, thanks guys

4 Mar, 2012


We had a row of huge conifers which we cut down, but only to waist height. We attached fencing to it and now grow morning glory and sweet peas along it. It keeps the deer out of the vegetable garden and avoided the cost of buying proper fenceposts!

5 Mar, 2012

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