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My garden is boggy and has a slight slope to it, how do i improve the soil quality?



Ok been reading up, so looks like. Need to dig and turn soil, Use fork to make holes, mix in compost and dig it in again? Does this sound right? Any compost recommenations? Or better advice?

4 Mar, 2012


Is it the whole garden which is boggy or just the lower portion of it. You can get some lovely bog plants. There are also plenty of plants which like moist and damp places. Look in Goypedia, the A-z at the foot of the page. Look under 'W' and wet soil plants. If it is the whole garden you need to find the source of the water and either sink a soakaway or put in a series of drains in a herring bone pattern. You could have a broken drain.

4 Mar, 2012


Its all the borders, the ground is kind of wet and clay like

4 Mar, 2012


You don't say where you live. If you have heavy clay soil and have had a lot of rain the soil will be wet and heavy still.
Does it stay wet when the weather has been dry for a while? If not you may just need to lighten it with lots of compost or other organic material and perhaps some horticultural grit. If it stays soggy all year in spite of the weather then as Scotsgran says you may need either to drain it or plant suitable plants for wet ground. have you checked whether your neighbours have a similar problem?

4 Mar, 2012

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