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how do you split the crowns of a plant

Asked from the GoYpedia gunneras page



In the spring, take a spade and chop off a piece, then pot it up. Sometimes I find that a piece is ready to break off on its own, so I pot that up. My Gunnera is a mature plant, though.

15 Nov, 2010


some of them you can dig up and just use your fingers to gently tease them apart to .

16 Nov, 2010


Some need to be pried apart with two garden forks!

17 Nov, 2010


What, Gunneras, Leigh/Tug? No way! Mine is a solid mass - I couldn't use either of your methods on it!

(I'm assuming here that Paul is asking about Gunneras as he's asked from the 'Gunneras' page.)

17 Nov, 2010


when you get very young ones spritz that have to growing tips you can pul them apart not when there huge lol .

18 Nov, 2010


Well, mine is a very mature one, Leigh, and I certainly couldn't. I obviously haven't tried with a young plant. Interesting!

18 Nov, 2010


yes definatly a spade or bread knife for a mature one spritz x .

18 Nov, 2010

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