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i have a 10 meter by 6 meter glass greenhouse probably around 60 years old. the height is about five to six meters.
how do i take it down?
And can i sell the large quantity of glass to anyone?



Advertise it in your local paper and get the person who buys it to take it down and remove.

23 Oct, 2010


Or join your local 'Freecycle' group if you feel generous, and want to give it away. You can still say that the person who wants it will have to dismantle it and remove it!

23 Oct, 2010


Just think of all the things we could do with a greenhouse like that. But even if you lived just down the road, Digger, I suspect that I would be reluctant to dismantle and rebuild it; shame.

23 Oct, 2010


Metal frame or wooden?

23 Oct, 2010


moon grower is right but if you get know joy i would jently take it apart from the very top down a layer at a time as the glass especialy if its a wooden frame could be the only thing giving it any integraty .if you cant take it apart in one piece then get some old blankets and completly cover it . then when you break it up the glass will stay safe .

23 Oct, 2010


Advertise it on eBay my uncle did his and he got about and he got about 4 times the amount he thought he would and the buyer came and dismantled it and took away

24 Oct, 2010

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