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What is wrong with this walnut tree?


By Gilesc

United Kingdom Gb

The base of the tree doesn't look any worse than 6 months ago when I last saw it.
Maybe there was a nest of some sort and they have now gone or is it some kind of mould or fungus ?
The rest of the tree seems ok and is producing walnuts which look healthy enough.
Can anyone help?





Hmmm, how old is this tree? It almost looks like a dry rot. If it is a fungus you should be able to scrape it off. How long has it be like that for? Do you have anything like hares or rabbits or even horses in your area? Is this tree in your garden? You know I have seen horses chewing off bark of trees. Where is the piece which came off?
I think perhaps you should send that picture to a walnut farm. There they would know exactly what diseases they can get or what can attack them. If it hasn't gotten any worse in 6 months is probably is not a fungus, cause that would spread. I think perhaps damage by some kind of animal, a knawing one. Hope you'll find out what it is.

11 Jul, 2008

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