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My laurel bush has yellow leaves


By Mick

United Kingdom Gb

3 months ago I planted 12 x 3 ft high laurel bushes 2ft apart. 11 have taken and are growing at a rapid rate; however, 1 bush is growing very slowly and furthermore, the leaves are turning yellow and some are starting to drop off. The leaves are clear of any disease or pests. Is this bush a dud or should I just leave it and see if it recovers. Would some pruning help?



Is that one bush at the end? The yellow leaves could be a deficiency in some mineral. Did you fertilise them when you planted them and perhaps forgot that one? Leaves dropping off bushes or trees usually means a way of it wanting to survive by shedding some leaves so it would have less evaporation. Could be that one is on top of a hill or something and hence the water drains more. I have really no idea of the situation. Otherwise, take one leaf and see your plant doctor at the nursery. Google for problems with laurel bushes.If it is not a disease it could be a deficiency or a natural survival system. Hope your other bushes will remain doing well. You ask if it could be a dud. Are these grafted? Perhaps they were seedlings and with seedlings they don't have to all behave the same way. Hope you'll find out before it's too late.

11 Jul, 2008

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