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I have a garden fence 6ft high by 18ft long and need to cover it wuth some kind of plants or flowers any sugestions please



You'll need wires or a trellis, and it depends on which direction it faces, but there are so many climbers - less vigorous Clematis, (not montanas) climbing roses, Passion Flowers, etc. Try browsing through the GOYpedia pages (below) under 'C' for climbing plants.

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3 May, 2010


Try Clematis alpina. It has lovely blue/purple flowers, just coming into flower now in our garden, followed by big fluffy seedheads.

3 May, 2010


How about a thornless blackberry. It will need to be trained along wires but you can eat the fruit. Or how about a couple or three fan shaped fruit trees, spring flowers followed by apples, pears or whatever. Chaenomeles is easy to train against a fence and does not need support unless you are in a very windy situation. It comes in white, yellow, pink, orange and red. Again spring flowers and maybe a repeat later in the year plus fruit which you can use for jelly making. You do not say whether your fence faces north, south, east or west. That will have a bearing on what you can grow.

3 May, 2010


as above lots to choose from, i have clematis, passion flower and climbing rose on my fences,

3 May, 2010


Your'e chiming with me Scotsgran. A thornless blackberry, like oregon thornless, is a good idea. Lovely white flowers, yummy berries to use in pies and sauces or make jam. Freeze well too. A lovely autumn leaf colour. An underated plant, and not too vigorous to be ovewhelming. For a quick fix Morning glory, while the oregon is getting its feet in the ground .

3 May, 2010


You don't mention whether this area is sunny or fairly shady - that will make an enormous difference to which climbers you choose.

3 May, 2010

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