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We have a Mahonia "Charity" shrub in our garden and for the last couple of years it has been spoilt by some kind of disease. The leaves are all curled and shrivelled and many of the blossoms are short and do not come out properly. A lot of the leaves are tiny and discoloured which makes us think there is some kind of fungus or disease affecting the plant. Part of the shrub looks healthy enough but the problem I have described seems to be affecting the whole of one side.

Please could you advise us what we could buy to treat it with? We wondered whether a systemic fungicide would help. We use that on black spot which sometimes affects our roses.

We would welcome some expert advice. Thanks.

Lynda and Terry Cumberland

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If it is only affecting one side, could it have had some weedkiller damage to that side? Or check all the way down for a split in the trunk or fungal growths affecting that side. I'd be inclined to prune these damaged branches right out to the base or into good wood. Mahonia regrows readily from large cuts. Notice also, the fabulous yellow inner wood.

26 Apr, 2010

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