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Can Rhubarb go between some Minarette trees in shady area into the soil?

East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Cheers for your replies. Will stick it straight into the soil then. Does anyone think I can put the Rhubarb between some Minarette trees straight in the garden it is quite shady there?



what you have to watch isnt so much the shade unless its always in shade.its the fact that the trees will have taken a lot of goodness out of the soil.

16 Apr, 2010


You could try rhubarb anywhere,as a plant can be split. We had one that tolerated being in the shade of choisya for ages, until the shrub got too big for its boots and swamped the rhubarb. The story of my gardening life. Everything has its chance as long as it likes its situation

16 Apr, 2010


i agree dorjac especialy in my overcrowded wild untouched front garden .at least i dont get weeds lol .

16 Apr, 2010


The family gave my brother an allotment for his retirement present when he grew potatoes in his front garden. I do believe he had rhubarb there too. He has a very tiny shaded back garden.

17 Apr, 2010


very nice he likes his rhhubarb then i guess.

17 Apr, 2010

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