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my vine is now coming into its fifth year.It has six main stalks spreading across a bamboo shack,south facing its roots are growing outside.My question is although last year i pruned it back to one leaf at each bud .Although every flower gave a bunch of grapes,albeit the size of large peas i wonder if their is a way to improve the size of the grape.The name of the grape is vtas leon millot.I am only an amateur .The area is hertfordshire.

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You should thin out your grapes in late June or July. Are the main rods horizontal or upright. If not horizontal take them down in December after pruning. Put them back up in February.

13 Dec, 2009


Hallo DocBob thank you for your prompt reply. last august we harvested the grapes of which there where some ninety bunchs .nice taste and i juiced them for wine! However as stated they were the size of large peas,not as big as the grapes in the shops. i would like some advice on pruning.You have said that what i should have done was reduce the number of bunches ? You are on about main rods being upright or horizontal,well perhaps the photo isnt very clear.The main stem from the ground divides into six stems/rods and has been allowed to grow up and over the shack so as to give both cover and more growth .Each year i have stopped the growth at the ends of all the stems/rods
and removed every other leaf at the buds.just after flowering with the results as said. Thank you for your time perhaps with this imfo you may be able to see the picture a little clearer. Regards,Colin/Irene

13 Dec, 2009


I will send you a PM shortly, Grasshopper.

13 Dec, 2009

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