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how to cope with steep slope



Hi. There is a GoYpedia page for Sloping Garden ideas.
Please take a look at that.... photos, blogs, questions...

... click on Sloping Garden Ideas up on the right here....

I'm guessing your slope is very steep ? :o(

2 Dec, 2009


TT can Guest's access all of the site?

2 Dec, 2009


I'm not sure...
it would be a pity if a guest couldn't see all the other questions about sloping gardens which are on the GoYpedia Sloping Gardens page...
I've sent a message, requesting Peter and Ajay to confirm...
Thanks, Mg, for asking about this... :o)

2 Dec, 2009


Hi TT just went into GoY without logging in, so effectively a guest... Yes a guest can go to GoYpedia and click and get all the info. So Guest go to bottom of page, click on 'S' and then on 'Sloping Garden Ideas' and good luck!

2 Dec, 2009


According to Ajay, guests can access anything they like here, except for our private messages - but they can't add responses to their questions.

2 Dec, 2009


Yes, S would reach Sloping Garden Ideas, but as in my first comment, I've added this to GoYpedia Sloping Gardens Category, so there is a short cut if anyone would prefer that....:o)

2 Dec, 2009


Terracing is the best idea with flat areas as you go up the slope. You could have steps up the middle or a sweeping sloping path snaking up through the terraces

2 Dec, 2009


It all depends how steep the slope is...

2 Dec, 2009

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