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Waxy potatoes


By Barbsie

United Kingdom Gb

Thanks to everyone for suggestions. I have tried Belle de F but none of the others suggested. The Belle de F still didn't meet my expectaions tho' How much of a difference do you think soil makes to the eventual outcome? We have London clay I love really waxy potatoes. Can anyone suggest varieties for me to try in the allotment?



Hi Barbsie and welcome to GoY
Good to hear someone else likes waxy potatoes try:

Pink Fir Apple, Accord, Belle de Fontenay, Cara, Harmony, Marfona, Osprey.

For more info go to

and click on the individual varieties to the left hand side of the page. Lower the number the waxier it is.

28 Oct, 2009

28 Oct, 2009


Pink Fir Apple are a good suggestion and are quite heavy croppers.

28 Oct, 2009


We love them but they are fiddly to clean for cooking. But I'll deal with the fiddly any day of the week!
Our big problem when we were part of an organic CSA (community support agriculture) scheme was that most folk wanted floury potatoes... presumably so they mashed well. I hated having to hover over the hob watching carefully to make sure the damned things didn't turn to soup!

28 Oct, 2009

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