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Help for dying yew trees


By Sujo

United Kingdom Gb

Hi all. Thanks for your swift replies.
The trees must be about 90 years old - part of an old church yard that has been built on. I have been here 26 years and trees have been fine until now. There is also one at the top of the garden which doesn't get as much water as the ones that are dying and that is fine. I have a feeling there is a blight affecting them.



Hi Sujo welcome to GoY. Where do you live and has anything unusual happened to either the trees or the area around them this year? Have you had a very dry summer as Yew trees do like their water. As you say three in a row I am assuming not in pots, if they are then almost certainly lack of water.

Just a thought did you cut something else down in the garden so that they are getting wind damaged. Mind your our two don't seem to mind wind.

28 Oct, 2009


I think you were right the first time MG water'' it has been a dry summer in most places, it depends how far they have gon, but I would atempt to bring them back as far as I could befor the ground gets too coald and they stop drinking.

28 Oct, 2009


Sounds like drought to me - as Moongrower says, need more info - how big are they, how long have you had them, are they in pots, where in the UK are you and has it been very dry there (as it has been here in London)

28 Oct, 2009


they were in part of a church yard that has been built on... this suggests that the building work may have altered the freely available water. were building works very close to the trees? if yes then there roots may have been cut. water well and see how they progress really.

31 Oct, 2009

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