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Acer Leaves dropping off.

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I have 3 different Acer's, all planted out at the same time.
I used the recommended potting (can't rmember what it was called) planted in a shady spot, out of the wind and they have been watered when needed during the drought.
After six month two have lost their leaves and the other is now dropping its leaves (very dry and curled) - I am curious as to why.
Unlike the other questions I noted, I had already taken all the recommendations and safe guards that the garden centre stated at the time of purchase (not being a knowledgeable gardener) - which covered issues like wind, water retentive soil, correct compost and shade.
Many thanks if anyone knows.



Just the time of year now, Sleepover. Looking out of the window I see that one of ours has lost all its leaves, a second most of them and the rest are dropping leaves rapidly. The garden beneath the one just outside this window is bright red with fallen leaves.
Don't worry,they will come back again next spring.

27 Oct, 2009


Yes, Bulbaholic is quite right - Acers are deciduous, meaning they loose their leaves in the autumn. You will be rewarded in the spring with beautiful coloured new leaves. If you are worrying that the leaves are dry and shriveled instead of giving you nice autumn colouring, it was probably that they were just a touch on the dry side when it mattered. I have two in containers - one has gone the same way while the other has kept its leaves for the timebeing and they've all gone nice and red. The former one I think I let get too dry as it was in more sun than the other.

27 Oct, 2009


Just about spot on with the two previous comments, some young maples will be by now completely defoliated, others will still be in full Autumn glory. As young plants they are very susceptible to their environmental conditions.

27 Oct, 2009


yes, my acer bloodgood is bare already too.

27 Oct, 2009


Thanks very much for your answers, that is a relief!

30 Oct, 2009

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