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can any one identify this plant

Dorset , United Kingdom Gb

this is now growing in my neighbours garden and is flowering now mine died sadly. it was in te garden when we moved here and dont know its name can any one indentify it pleasr




?Convolvulus cneorum?

27 Oct, 2009


Yes i agree.

Anne, they like a very well drained soil and will like a sunbaked spot, if you have an area of poor soil that's in the sun it'll love it there.

It's quite hard to kill one unless you've not watered it well in the newly planted stage and then like any other plant it'll die of drought.

I have them here and they're tough little plants !

27 Oct, 2009


I've got one too it's a stunning plant if you give it the right place ie. very well drained. It flowers a long time too.

27 Oct, 2009


Mine is flowering again now

27 Oct, 2009


Mine too, they are a great all rounder and are evergreen as well

27 Oct, 2009

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