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why does my Zantedeschia aethiopica not flower?


By Maggot

United States Us

I planted my lily 2 years ago with one beautiful flower on it. For the last summers it has grown well with loads of healthy leaves but no flowers. I live in the south of England and it is planted in a semi shaded spot. Is there anything I can do or should I just dig it up and forget about it?



First of all, move it! Zantedeschias need full sun. Secondly, as you have so many leaves it seems as if your soil is too rich, but if you move the plant, this problem will probably be resolved. They also like plenty of moisture, but will tolerate short periods of drouth. They're too expensive to give up on.

20 Aug, 2009


Sounds as if its getting plenty of nitrogen (which grows leaves) but not enough potash - you could put it in a sunnier spot and encourage it a bit by topdressing next spring with sulphate of potash.

20 Aug, 2009

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