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Aeonium Arboreum Schwarzkopf has snapped

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My Aeonium Arboreum Schwarzkopf has snapped off at the base in the strong winds.. It is about 2ft long.

I am wondering if I shorten it and stick it in some cactus compost it will root, bearing in mind it is August. I really don't want to throw this beautiful stem away. Greatful for any answers



One of the ways of propagating this plant is by stem cuttings in summer - I'd give it a shot in the way you suggest, but keep it in a warm spot, out of full sun but in the light, if possible.

20 Aug, 2009


Many thanks for your prompt reply Bamboo.. I have cut it into three pieces, two of which I put in water to see if they root and the third piece which has the head on I have put into damp cactus compost.. Fingers crossed. ;)

20 Aug, 2009


i have tried water but find the cactus compost gets better results. is there any stem still in the pot?

20 Aug, 2009


You could also try one part compost...2 parts sand and grit....I'm sure it will root in no time.

20 Aug, 2009


Thankyou for your replies and suggestions ladies.. There is still a bit of stem in the pot and the stem that broke is one of three, so if all else fails I still have them, but the plant does look lopsided now and I'd love to be able to save the broken stem which is so beautiful.. It may well regrow from the broken stem too.

Sandra I shall remove the part I put in water and repot it in cactus compost.

Janey I shall try your mixture on the other pieces.

I'm hoping the stem will have the same habits as yukkas, that root from stems.

I will give you an update with the results but it will probably take a few weeks...

Many thanks again.

21 Aug, 2009


Hi Rosemary.....I bet it'll shoot from around the stem, I had this happen to one I had a few years ago in my Spanish garden. Sometimes I wouldnt even get them rooting before sticking the stem in the poor dry gritty soil and they always took....:o)

21 Aug, 2009


Thanks for the encouragement Janey.. It's looking good so far with no wilting of the main stem.. But then they are succulents after all and it may suddenly collapse :(
I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile I have another question which I shall pose in a new thread.


26 Aug, 2009


Success Ladies, the main stem has rooted already! I'm thrilled to bits.

The two pieces of cut up stem haven't rooted yet but hopefully they will, although it is a bit late in the year now.

When the stem broke, it snapped off at the base of the plant and so far it hasn't started to regrow from there; we'll see what happens next spring.

Many thanks again for all your help.
Kind regards

21 Sep, 2009


Pleased it worked - they're expensive plants, now you'll have two;-)

21 Sep, 2009


well done u....;-))

21 Sep, 2009


I'll repot them in the spring and post you a link to a photo...

Thanks again everyone, I hate to lose plants that are special, as this one is.


22 Sep, 2009


Oh, great news Rosemary! So pleased it put its feelers out....:o)

22 Sep, 2009


Hi everyone,

Nine months on and I have just taken some photos to show you all, and to say 'Thanks' ....

The cutting grew and grew over winter in our conservatory, and produced it's own circle of babies, and the main plant did indeed grow a new head from the point where the branch snapped off.

Two weeks ago I potted them all up together and you can see the photos below;
The first image is of the main plant and you can see where it's grown a new shoot at the bottom.

The second photo is of the cutting, and the third photo is of them all potted up together outside. They're well staked and shouldn't break this year. But if they do I will know what to do!!

You will have to copy and paste the URL into your browser.

21 Jun, 2010


So pleased they all grew well again Rosemary.....

21 Jun, 2010


looking good...

22 Jun, 2010

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