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do i water my chilli peppers every day and i have bell peppers do they have to be watered too .


By Natasha

United Kingdom Gb

they are kept in the greenhouse

On plant natasha



Hi Natasha....welcome to GoY.
I have chillis and peppers growing in my greenhouse.They both need regular watering...whether its everyday or not depends on the weather....I usually wait until the pot feels light or the leaves wilt slightly. When the flowers appear I give them a general feed and when the fruit are set....a high potash feed and lots of water.

8 Jul, 2009


little and often I think.

8 Jul, 2009


I find that peppers and chillies planted in the soil in the greenhouse always do massively better than those in growbags or pots. But you do need to prepare the soil well and put in plenty of well rotted compost. You can mulch around the plants with grass cuttings which keeps the moisture in the ground.
I water ours most days, unless it has been cloudy and cool all day, and find they do extremely well. If you are planting in the soil, less frequent but heavier watering is advised, otherwise you get a lot of surface roots rather than deeper rooting which enable the plants to do well for longer between waterings.

9 Jul, 2009

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