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kidney beans

Nottingham, United Kingdom Gb

I'm growing kidney beans for the first time and the bean is missing after the flower dies and I have noticed a small black hard backed beetle among the flowers. I have sprayed these with bug killer, is this right.



I don't think the beetle, which sounds like a Vine Weevil, will have anything to do with lack of beans. It's more likely that your flowers haven't been pollinated. Give the flower sprays a misting twice a day, especially in hot weather. This will help them to set. Next year, plant some bee-friendly flowers near your bean plants to encourage the bees to pollinate. Vine Weeveils don't get very far without their heads. That's about the only way to kill the beetle. The larvae live in the soil and devour plant roots.

7 Jul, 2009


I think vine weevil are quite big? BBB says your flowers have not been pollinated. There is a beetle that attacks beans...not sure of name...but someone will know how to deal with it for you...

7 Jul, 2009


Are you sure the beetle isn't the corn beetle which is usually in country gardens in July? We have Runner beans with Tagetes and Calendula planted between the plants and so far lots of small beans growing, I would say its the pollinating problem.

7 Jul, 2009

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