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Area there stones i could use which are safe for children?

Northants, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I have just laid raised decking with white stones underneath. I then have a gap from the decking to a wall at the same level as the stones. Have put big large rocks down to split the area off from the stones. The idea was to put some wood chippings down and have just a little area what was safe to put paddling pool or the like etc. I cannot do this as my dog rips up any pieces of wood in the garden. (i noticed since decking). I would like to know if thereare child safe stones, maybe in red, or if anyone has any suggestions or ideas i would be very thankful. The area is about 3m long by 1m wide



I find it difficult to understand the layout , dont know if you could put up a photo of the area and it might help with suggestions from others

7 Jul, 2009


You can get recycled tyre chippings, they are safe and spongy too, but doulbe check if they are kid safe. They are used in playgrounds etc. NOt sure where ot get them, look in yellow pages under mulch or topsoil suppliers, they maybe aboe to help

7 Jul, 2009


Lik Maccrimmon I'm having difficulty visualising the you mean gravel when you say "stones"?

7 Jul, 2009


From a good supplier you can get large red pebbles, both children and dog safe.

7 Jul, 2009

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