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World's happiest father's day present!


For Father’s Day, my wife gave me a lovely Mandevilla!
I wanted this special climber to have the very best growing conditions that a plant could have so I gave it my special wine barrel container to frolic in:

This barrel contains the richest organically prepared soil that you can imagine!
Ingredients include native compost, zolite, green-sand, lava-sand, expanded shale for water retention, coconut fiber, decomposed granite, filtered native soil, and dry molasses. Even the barrel itself was carefully selected with plants in mind. It is an ex grape-wine barrel that still had a great coating of the purple grape sugars that had leached into the wood. The mulch that you see in the photo is made from organically grown shredded tree trimmings and is the best that can be found.

Why a grape-wine barrel you ask?

Simple! The natural sugars in the wood leach out into the soil over time and provide all of the beneficial microbes in the soil with a source of food. The addition of the above mentioned “dry molasses” does the same thing.

I have a feeling that this new little Mandevilla will thrive and grow like crazy in its’ new home!

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Great ideas there, hope your Mandevilla flourishes!

21 Jun, 2010


Your wife made a great choice ... they're a fabulous showy climber! I'm sure it's going to do very well ... it'll be covered in blooms in no time.

21 Jun, 2010


How lovely,I can smell the wine from here..mmm.Grow well,and don't "hang over"...sorry,best I can do !!

21 Jun, 2010


you'll have to keep us updated!

21 Jun, 2010


I will post updates! Last year I grew some tomato plants in this same barrel and the "celebrities" produced "fist sized" tomatoes all season long!

22 Jun, 2010

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