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I can see your house from here.


By mouldy


I forgot to add these pics to yesterday’s blog.

Four new aerial views…

…with brambles, crosmia (pinned back to allow other plants to get a head start…

…and an uninvited, although very welcome sprig of lilac.

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You've been hanging out the windows again, are you sure the sprig is lilac, looks like Buddhlia in the pic, if it is it might force your trellis off the wall unless you pull it through whilst its small, they grow very rapidly and anywhere as you probably already know, thats of course if you want it.....

22 Jun, 2013


All looking really good Mouldy, nice aerial shots mate.

22 Jun, 2013


Great idea Mouldy - I wonder if I can convince my son to climb up onto the roof.....I doubt it!!
I tend to agree with Lincslass, yes us women do stick together Mouldy, I think it's a buddleja and that's not the best place for it as she says.

22 Jun, 2013


Looking good there, Mouldy. What a clever idea to restrain the crocosmia like that.

22 Jun, 2013


I think this border could be improved with Fresh Herbs
growing in large pots of Multipurpose Compost for use in the kitchen, and good health purposes. Parsley contains more Vitamin C than the much vaunted Citrus fruits, and can be chopped to improve a meal daily. They are usually about £1.49 per plant this time of year, and grow well. If he has to carry tools upstairs, he could lower a length of string from the flat window, go down and tie a bunch on the end, and haul them up ! Ha ha.

23 Jun, 2013


I'm sorry to say I'll have to fail the entire class of June, 2013, as nobody noticed I only posted 3 aerial photos!
S'pose I'll have to hoist myself by my own petard, as I failed to notice it, too, before publishing. Lol.
I'll also have to bow to the superior wisdom of you beastly girls, as I just assumed, as the blossoms are lilac, that this was what it was.
I had intended to ask if lilac & buddlia/buddleja (Make up your minds, Sweeties. ;-+) were one & the same, once it was in bloom, but you've both pre-empted me.
My intentention is to let it grow through the summer, then transplant elsewhere in autumn.
Old Mouldy has a plan, ladies.
Thanks Surrey!
The grass is producing lots of seeds already, so that football pitch is not too far off, mate. Lol.
Just looking at those aerial shots sends me dizzy, as I'm afraid of heights, I kid you not!
Tuesday, I'd seen crocosmia before & heard folk say it tends to hog the light (as well as run rampant given half a chance) so thought it best to rein it in for a wee while.
Diane, was growing parsley & basil in pots (I sowed chives directly in the garden, thank goodness) before my planticidal neighbour sprayed & killed them on the landing.
I've grown some more & didn't think anyone would be interested, but forgot you, Balconey & other Goyers grow more than flowers.
Apologies for my error. Lol.
As for hauling tools up on string, rope, pulleys, etc, I'd probably brain someone or topple out the window. =-O

23 Jun, 2013


LOL, I know its naughty Mouldy but I now have a mental image of a paint spraying yob being cracked on the bonce by a bucketful of tools...
I did notice there were only three pics but just assumed one of yours had gone to that mystery place that is halfinching my comments again.
Its a good plan as regards the butterfly bush, (would I try to confuse you Mouldy?) truthfully it depends which type of gardening book one looks in as to how one spells it, a lot state both spellings some being more common than others, lol, anyway keep an eye on it as they are prone to sudden growth spurts, they can be quite tiny one week and huge the next, also very hard to kill off so doubt very much if it would do any harm if you move it now....

23 Jun, 2013


Oops - that's me failed!! Never even noticed. In my defence Mouldy - I was too busy looking at your hard work to notice ;)

23 Jun, 2013


Thanks for the advice, Lincs.
Now, where to plant it...hmm?
How tall do they grow, incindently?
Deftly handled, Scottish. Lol!

5 Jul, 2013


Just to add to the confusion, I've seen it spelled buddleia too! And I never noticed the number of photos either.

5 Jul, 2013


Thanks, Tuesdaybear! Lol.

7 Jul, 2013

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