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By mouldy


An update.
Basically a wall & trellising, but with a few things chucked in to check who is awake.
A hearty meal, then a blindfold for those who fail.
And who knows, maybe even a last fag for the puffers.
Note to self : Plant woodbine next year. Snigr!
There are discrepancies.
Naturally, I shall claim they were deliberate, but are they, really?
Now we’ll all find out who the ‘Famous Five’ fans are.
So, there you have it.
Bung the Pimms & vodka slushies back, feast your collective peepers on the questionable snaps below & try to act sober, for goodness sake.
(Mouldy fades back into the e-shed…or does he?…to the sounds of Van the Man’s ‘Into the Mystic’).

The wall

The trellising

I had a few things left over.
Hmm, throw them at something or build a whatsit?

Baskets…of the hanging variety


One of the Fugees from the Wasteland



Aquilegia…one plant.


Mouldy’s joy…Bleeding heart.

This last one rendered my neighbours speechless, ‘til a week later, when I revealed it was plastic.
I won’t repeat what they said, when their voices returned. Lol.
Now all my plants are minutely examined.
The lengths we have to go to in order to encourage assistants, eh? ;-)

Definately worth hatching a plot around, I thought.
Well, that’s it for now.
Just watering & feeding with the odd fox, slug & squirrel (Yeah, they’ve joined the fun, too!) patrol for a couple of weeks.
There’s a garden party on 30th of this month & another for last week in Aug.
Me, I’m going to just kick back & chill, maybe a few beers now & then, but mostly I’m going to enjoy my wee garden, as the weather allows.
I hope you all get to do the same.
Have a good summer Goyers!!!
(Mouldy sips a beer & hums the old classic ‘Summertime’)

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It is all coming along so well Mouldy :O) you have been so busy, no wonder the foxes love to come around the garden, it is very pretty and changing quickly. Well done give yourself a huge pat on the back. :O)

20 Jun, 2013


Hello Mouldy..
planting looking good ... nice to see so much in flower ... well done on making so many improvements in such a short space of time ... :o)

20 Jun, 2013


It's a very nice brick wall and trellis Mouldy! And you've chucked the other things in very nicely too. I like your interpretation of Stone Henge with the leftover rocks and soil (lol) it looks great. Are you planning to put something in the middle?

Enjoy whatever summer we may get and enjoy the beer and the garden. I'm sure most GOYer's will e happy to join you!

20 Jun, 2013


Top trellising, keep it up : )

20 Jun, 2013


I must agree....trellising is fab! Climbing Tatties?? ;)

20 Jun, 2013


...oh, and love the whatsit also.....always think a whatsit makes a garden. ;)

20 Jun, 2013


I'm more inclined to prefer a thingamijig to a whatsit Mouldy!
It all looks great. Was just wondering yesterday where you were hiding. No we know... Getting pi**ed with the Foxes :)
You've done a great job with the trellis.

20 Jun, 2013


You're all too kind.
Is it just my c**p fone or are some pics missing?
If it's not my fone, then Terra has already given me the solotion.
Huzzah for Terra!
Sorry, I must be going deaf... I said "HUZZAH for Terra!"
Much better. Lol.
Olive : Marry me.
Already done? Ask the lucky blighter if he's up for a share scheme.
Terra : Fancy living in a Glasgow commune?
It's you, Olive 'n' me so far.
LilJ, you down with it?
Karen : Won't be fun, if you ain't there.
Five & Steve makes us six.
Well, it sounded like a good plan.
Back to the drawing board, I guess. Sigh! ;-)
Seriously (he said, trying to manfully hide his disappointment), six inches of superb topsoil went into the border.
What do worms love? Exactly.
And what do foxes love, Olive?
Fat, juicy worms.
That's their excuse.
Me? Er...I'll have to get back to you on that one. Lol.
Terra, hopefully, the weather will smile on me & the plants, too.
If that's the case, then I'll have flowers through 'til November, fingers crossed.
LiJem, glad you noticed the Stonehenge approach.
What? Why are you all shaking your heads in that disapproving, maiden aunt's manner?
Read the blog again.
Discrepencies, 'member? Kinda like poetic licence. ;-)
Anyway, LiJem, the photo isn't the latest...the middle of the whatsit has been filled & a dahlia, 4 lillies & some harlequins planted.
Stevie, you wag, that's why I had to resort to the trellis transplant some months back.
It's, or rather -they, as in panels, have all been individually bracketed (1 't' or 2? Bacon sarnie to go? Lol) to what remains of the crumbly wall behind them.
Karen, what can I say?
I had you in mind when the idea struck me.
I was thinking... Now what would impress Karen?
The boulders were too heavy hoist aloft to bring down a seagull in flight, so I went for the easy option. ;-)
Scottish, was just killing time wait for your grand entrance.
The final part of the thingamyjigsaw.
Now we're the magnificent, no that's not right...the secret, no, that's not right either, we're,anyway, there's seven of us now.
Squiffy with squirrels, formented with foxes, they're my bro's.
All else is illusion. Sleight of paw, you might say. ;-)

20 Jun, 2013


And no.,before anyone asks...I will NOT get sloshed with slugs!
Inebriated with invertebrates was too hard to spele, besides, I like worms, but not the way foxes like them. ;-)

20 Jun, 2013


My darn comments are disappearing again!!!!! 3rd time lucky I hope.
I agree with Scottish, its a "Thingamajig" every garden should have at least one as it adds character, very posh walls now Mouldy, your plants are doing really well and you'll soon see loads of colour, I know the fox is still a visitor but pleased you haven't had anymore mishaps by the spray yielding moron, you've created a really lovely garden there and if you were nearer I'd gatecrash your garden party, I'd bring my own lager, lol...

20 Jun, 2013


Lincs, for you I'd steal a glass from a neighbour.
Can't have one of the classy Goygirls swigging from a can...what would my neighbours think? ;-)

20 Jun, 2013


LOL, you'll be wanting us wearing posh hats next Mouldy...

20 Jun, 2013


LOL :O) you are very funny Mouldy I am still giggling :O) Foxes the least said soonest mended about them. I love to see them but I am a NIMBY where they are concerned. Cheers

21 Jun, 2013


Lol...this is Glesga, not Windsor, Lincs.
Some headgear they've been sporting at Ascot, eh?
One looked Carmen Miranda on L.S.D. =-O
I love wildlife full stop, Olive, except for slugs, but, like you, don't want the foxes using the back courts as a toilet or a snack stop.
Do they think this is a service station? ;-)

21 Jun, 2013


It all looks great, Mouldy.

(Famous Five...?)

24 Jun, 2013


Thanks, Melchisdec.
We're talking Enid Blyton's 'Famous Five'...sandwiches, cake & lashings of ginger beer, although I supect the Goyers prefer lashings of stronger stuff. ;-)

5 Jul, 2013


I used to lose myself in the adventures of the Famous Five. Loved the books as a youngster, do not read much at all these days. Shame on me. lol :O)

5 Jul, 2013


Oh yes, I read all the Famous Five books, Mouldy - I just missed the connection (being one of those keener on the stronger stuff...) My grandmother always bought them for me at Christmas, Easter, birthday or whenever a new one came out. I've still got them all up in the attic!

5 Jul, 2013


Bet they are worth a bob or two now Melchi, I loved those stories.

5 Jul, 2013


Well, they would be, Barbara, if I had kept the dust-jackets and not coloured in the black and white pictures! They're still good to read though - not that I have for a while!

5 Jul, 2013


lol, just the sort of thing that I would have done.

5 Jul, 2013


;-) That's what children's books are for - enjoying! And I did love them - well, I've still got so many of them!

5 Jul, 2013


Did any of you see the 'Comic Strip' version of the 'Famous Five'?

7 Jul, 2013


No do not think so, shame, bet it was funny.

7 Jul, 2013


Dawn French as 'George' with Jen Saunders & Ade Edmundson.
Can't recall who played the other lad, though.

8 Jul, 2013


that would be hilarious - I can see it all now !

8 Jul, 2013


It was hilarious, Barbara! You can perhaps find it on YouTube - worth looking for!

PS Isn't "lashings" a wonderful word? Goes SO well with "ginger beer"!

8 Jul, 2013


Definately of it's age & the 1st outing for the comic strip on TV, as I recall.
Even now, I can still see Dawn playing it heavy camp...'til near the end.
Early to mid 80's, wasn't it?
Nostalgia...not what it used to be! ;-)
A word to evince a smile...or a wince. Lol.

8 Jul, 2013


I saw a repeat of it recently - can't remember what the programme was... it passes the test of time well.

9 Jul, 2013


What grand job you have done Mouldy in the Land of Stone. Like the trellis and thingymagigs. Those borders are filling up a treat.
Thanks for reminding me about the Famous Five books. I loved them and my daughter still has mine. Must ask her for them to lend to our eldest grandson, coming up nine in August. I haven't seen the comic strip version. Must find it and take a look.

12 Jul, 2013


Famous Five, Secret Seven, Noddy in Toyland, I loved them all.
Please, don't tell me nobody else remembers them?

14 Jul, 2013


Remember them? I've still got them! And a good few others as well. I adored Enid Blyton. (And no - it didn't blight my imagination or stunt my reading ability!)

15 Jul, 2013


Me either.
Happy days. Lol.

15 Jul, 2013

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