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By mouldy


What a marvellous day it was.
The sun sunnied from sun-up ‘til sundown, thereby making the forecasters appear credible for a (weather)change.
To celebrate that & the fact one of our boys was playing a wee sort of bat & ball game, down in equally sultry London, Mouldy put on a pair of shorts.
The reaction was vastly excessive & wholly exaggerated.
Women fainted, strong men shuddered & the vet was called out to sedate a mastif.
WHAT…is Mouldy the last person on planet earth with knobbly knees? ;-)
Anyway, the day, like our boy, went from strength, as did the drinky-poos, as the match progressed.
You should have heard the hullaballoo from my neighbours, as we listened to the radio in the garden.
Screaming, roaring, beseeching, even begging, but your old chum, Mouldy, refused to cover his legs! LOL!
And young Andy didn’t let us down, did he?
Three straight sets, no less.
We were all like limp rags at the end, laughing, crying, hugging.
Yes, I’d put my legs away. ;-)
What’s the bet the bookies must have taken a severe caning?!
And the sun continued to blaze from a cloudless sky with the promise of ten more days to boot.
My garden, me, my neighbours & most of the UK might be having a summer this year, after all.
Meanwhile, my babies are putting on their finery, bit by bit, day by day.
I hope you all enjoy your gardens, throughout the summer!

(Mouldy does a softshoe shuffle to Satchmo’s ‘Wonderful World’)

Clematis Arabella.

Clematis Arabella. Close-up.

Nasturtium Climbing.

Nasturtium Climbing. Close-up.

Day’s end. Sleep tight Ovaltinees & Wombles!

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That last pic is brill Mouldy :o)

8 Jul, 2013


hahaha - brilliant and that was just the knobbly knees. Hope you all had a brilliant day and evening celebrating Andy's great win. What a superb effort from him I could not watch the first two sets, well some of it I did, but then I could not leave it alone in the third. Well done Andy and congratulations Mouldy on getting the air to those knees. Hope the sun keeps shining on you and your garden - Happy Summer :O)

8 Jul, 2013


I hope those knobbly knees didnae get sun burn Mouldy!
What a day yesterday. Streets here were very quiet - but not from indoors. There was plenty of cheering and clapping going on. Well done Andy!!
That's a lovely colour clematis -nice tying in too :)

8 Jul, 2013


Your flowers are coming along nicely Mouldy, the clematis is a lovely colour. Wish I could have seen the nobbly knees doing the soft shoe shuffle!

8 Jul, 2013


What a day it was Mouldy! Here in Carnoustie, all the knobbly knees were on the beach in the morning, and then glued to the telly with a Pimms in one hand and a punnet of strawbs in the other...scottish strawbs of course! My OH is like my much of a feartie to watch the first two I had to brave it myself until the third set when he came in and started talking a lot (He likes to talk a lot during the calms his nerves) which irritated me so much I had to have another Pimms. Anyway...all's well that ends well. OH's two repeated statements during the game...."I can't see it"....."I still can't see it" (in the final game)....then after the end..."well, I never thought I'd see it". What a numptie! ;)

8 Jul, 2013


That's a great blog Mouldy, you did make me smile there, great pics mate.

8 Jul, 2013


yes, I agree a very good funny blog, knees included in the next pics? Not being a Scot [or living in Scotland] or even liking the game of tennis, I'm afraid there wasn't the same joy here about Wimbledon, but am happy for you Mouldy as you are a great tennis fan by the sound of it.

8 Jul, 2013


Love the Clematis ... love the very descriptive blog too! ... :o)

8 Jul, 2013


Annella, good to hear from you, young lady.
How's your three fellas doing?
Glad you liked the ultimate pic...the perfect end to the perfect day.
God take me now! ;-)
Olive, Romeo & & Juliet.
Stop trying to resist me, girl. Go've never been able to resist a man with knobbly knees. LOL. X.
Scottish, just listened to Arabella.
She told me me where she needed freedom or restraint. ;-)
Oh, you girls, you lead me into allsorts. Lol.
The knees are acclimatized now, incidently. Starting to turn brown as a berry, or so I'm told.
Jaykaty, nice to meet you.
On my better days I'm a joker, but a new & enthusiastic gardener.
However, I wouldn't subject a new & potential friend to the cold, harsh reality of my genetically deformed kneecaps! Lol.
Karen, I thought for a split second, you meant Andy, himself, came in & started talking.
Had to re-read. Lol.
We decided to do it Sir Fred Perry style & forego the telly & opt for the radio. Talk about hard work. We eventually traced the match to Gael radio. Can you believe it?
Hourly news updates on various stations kept us updated, so we entered proceedings (We were all rather squiffy at this point, so I'll enter Glasgow as an excuse at this point), but, fearties, one & all, were skin deep.
Pimms? Yeah, you always struck me as a posh bird. LOL!
Strawbs? I rest my case.
We dined on pakora & chips. Cosmopolitan or what? ;-)
Surrey, my rock, thanks pal.
The day you ignore any of my blogs I'll know it's time to call it a day!
Appreciate your support, as usual!
Freeasabird, I'm not a tennis fan...however, this was unique.
Had it been Tim or Greg I'd have given my support.
This just happened to be one of our home-grown, hence the neighbours' enthusiasm.
Me, I go with the flow. Lol.
Are you telling me you're another knobbly knees fan?
C'mon, Freeasbird, 'fess up. Don' be shy. ;-)

8 Jul, 2013


Now come on Mouldy, we're all adults on ths website. We've had photos of bees doing - you know, thingy - and we haven't been taken down yet. So let's have a picture of those knobbly knees to judge for ourselves

8 Jul, 2013


Never mind the boy in London, Mouldy - you've done wonders! (And the garden's not bad, either...)

8 Jul, 2013


Shirley, only just missed your comment. Sorry poppet!
The grass you very kindly sent is sending up seed 'spears' (?) , which can be seen quite clearly with the naked eye, but my phone camera is not up to the job, as they keep coming out badly blurred.
Glad you liked the blog.
Andrew, birds & bees, well, they're natural.
These knees ain't that.
Try to imagine something that perverts the very laws of nature, structure & good taste & you'll barely be scraping the surface of what you wish to subject Goytown to.
It may take Glasgow several generations to come to terms with the salacious experience. Lol!
Melchisdec, you're too kind.
I just chucked various seeds, bulbs, roots & tubers in containers & the ground & begged advice from the Goyers & endless help from mother nature.
I don't mind admitting that it's good to have reached this stage, though! ;-)

8 Jul, 2013


Mouldy - that's good to know the 'spears' (racemes) are appearing as they should bear lilac-pink flowers in Summer, then black berries in the Autumn.

9 Jul, 2013


Very good Mouldy, it's certainly coming on.......they'll need plenty of water for the next 10 days then!!!
And what a relif when the sun finally says more Mouldy's Knobnly knees till next summer!

9 Jul, 2013


Thanks for the info, Shirley.
Now I know what to look for & have another big word to drop into the pub conversation. Lol.
Yeah, Paul, I fill up my friend's granddaughter's paddling pool every morning, after using the water each night.
As for my knees, too late buddy, check my latest pics. Lol.

14 Jul, 2013

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