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Time spent in the wilds of Yorkshire


By lulu33


Hi folks, long time not been on Goy! Just wanted to thank those who sent birthday wishes and get well ones too :(
Sluggy and I were poorly yesterday, she’s better whilst I have another kidney stone and infection…..severe lack of sense of humour failure now! But I thought I would share a few photos of the wild flowers we saw on our walks with my adorable nephew and niece who are on holiday visiting as they live in Singapore.

Beautiful skies and flowers everywhere..

My beautiful god-daughter and niece Amelia, love this photo!

Some sky and grasses

Very tall foxgloves

Wild orchids

More flowers everywhere. As I didn’t have my glasses with me I couldn’t put the camera onto macro, so lost quite a few of the close ups!!

A very photogenic Amelia

Anyone know what this butterfly is?

Look what David bought me for my birthday, it’s so pretty.

To end up…my last mosaic. Hope I picked the right photo of it?

Hope you all are having a fine sunny day like it is here in the wilds of Gloucestershire? Am hoping to garner the energy to mow the lawn at least that will make the garden look tidier! Have been needing to dead head but looking at all the butterflies on the linaria and Knautia, I haven’t the heart to deprive them!!

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Chin up Lu..

beautiful wild flower shots there..Your butterfly is a meadow brown, it is the one I have seen most of this year. Wishing you and Slug a speedy recovery.

22 Jul, 2012


lulu those photos are so gorgeous, little amelia is like you i think.

that sky, those wild flowers and i cant believe those orchids ~ just amazing!!

i love that vase david bought you ~ its really beautiful.

those colours in the mosaic are superb, and i love the lines and swirls in the glass.

i so hope you get better soon, dont do too much ~ have a rest, leave the grass!!!

22 Jul, 2012


Lovely blog Lulu. Sorry to hear you've been poorly - hope you're better soon. X

22 Jul, 2012


Thanks Pimp, funny, I've never noticed the Meadow Brown before, a sweet little flutterby. Sluggy is completely recovered, she is looking after me now, well, if you call bouncing on the bed looking after!
Sticki, I can hear the grass growing! I'm going to have a wee nap and then think about it later.
Glad you like my mosaic, i'm running out of my favourite glass now and must think of creative things to do with the left over, plain colours.
Amelia is such a cutie, she's not a blood relation. I feel sad when they all go back to Singapore. Hope to get to see them one more time when they come south. All I have to do is mention quad bikes!!

22 Jul, 2012


im not surprised they love the quad bikes!! i thought cos she is your niece thats maybe why you might look alike?

how about a lily shape flower [using the plain colours] in amongst your river bed stones would that work??

22 Jul, 2012


lurvvlly pics there loos, put yer feet up and recoup : )

22 Jul, 2012


Lovely pics Lulu, hope you and slugs get well soon...

22 Jul, 2012


Thank you boys. Mowed the lawn, fed the dogs and now lots more water and a good book!

22 Jul, 2012


put a blurred pic on for you ; )

22 Jul, 2012


Sorry you are poorly Lou, not nice :( simply love those wild flowers, beautiful shots and Amelia is certainly photogenic such a pretty lass. Love the mosaic too, great colours.

22 Jul, 2012


hope you feel better soon Lulu, stones are awfull, i had on ehuge one in my Gallbladder and was so relieved when they took my gallbladder out, very painfull, take care and love your photos and amelia is beautifull. love the latest mosaic to :o))
just finished my latest painting Lulu if you go to my pics :o))

22 Jul, 2012


Sorry about your stones Lulu as a past sufferer I know they are just horrid :( Hope you get better very soon also Sluggy :))

Such lovely views and a lovely Mosiac - I really think the vase is pretty and sweet children

22 Jul, 2012


Hi Lulu. I wondered where you had got to, as you've not been on for a while. Sorry you are not on top form, i hope the horrid kidney stone passes soon - or does what ever they do to go...
You been up to Yorkshire and no vist.... or meet. Ohhh, telling off. Big hugs Jxx

22 Jul, 2012


Short stop sorry!
Thanks GM, San and Paul, lovely views aren't they!

23 Jul, 2012


Will let you off, particularly as you are feeling so off at the moment. Do hope you get it all under control soon. Jxx

23 Jul, 2012


So sorry to hear you've another "one".Lulu! Take extra care and speedy recovery.

23 Jul, 2012


Beautiful photos Lulu :) Sorry you arent well again..been worried about you. SPeedy recovery..take it easy xxxxxxxx

23 Jul, 2012


It's a bit of a downer really! Am going to order some more hydrangea root tincture, it helped move some stones years ago.
Can't take it easy Pixi!!!! 3 peeps coming to stay, work, clean, garden....walk pups!! Am feeling better though, except with the amount of water i'm drinking...keep having to duck behind the hedge!

23 Jul, 2012


I'm doing some catching up, Lulu, after a time away from GoY. Sorry to hear you and Sluggy have been unwell and hope you are both much improved now. Love the vase and your mosaic is stunning.

27 Jul, 2012


Thanks Gee. Yes, we are both well now!!

28 Jul, 2012


Was wondering where you were too, Lulu. Glad to see you back with a lovely blog and glad you're both better now. The field of poppies is beautiful, as is your mosaic and - not least- Amelia.

1 Aug, 2012


Hello Tuesdaybear, yes, not on Goy much at the moment. Yet a selection of photos is fast building up on my camera!

2 Aug, 2012


lovely pics of quiet beauty - you have a true artist's eye

12 Aug, 2012


Thank you Fran x

12 Aug, 2012



23 Aug, 2012

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