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I Live on a small farm in North Yorkshire, which we are currently doing up. Having said that, it's more of a lifetime project, so there is always something major going on.
I make glass and silver jewellery for a living, but am a keen gardener, growing all our own fruit and veg, plus flowers in borders and tubs.
I do sometines feel a bit overfaced, as there is about an acre of garden in all, but................ looking at all the lovely photos on this site is really inspirational.
Oh I'm 50 this year and have 2 boys Josh (19) and Will (17), a dog, about 14 cats, 2 ponies and 4 hens! The cats mainly live in the barn, they are supposed to be ferral in the main, but don't seem to know this!

July 2011 I should add, we breed Dalesbred sheep as well. These are horned sheep and can get out of ANYWHERE! On occasion they have got out and ransacked my garden, chomping their way through all they come across, So far this year - touch wood - all is ok. BUT the year is not over yet!
PS in the piccy I'm the one without the beard!! That is Mick my long suffering OH

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