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Hello and garden update


By lulu33


Hi Everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve been on Goy. Hope you are all well. Any exciting news?
I bet the heat is fairly welcome, except waking up at 5.30 to walk dogs and water the thirsty flowerbeds and kitchen garden!!
I’ve been a bit involved with my wild life camera and really couldn’t give GoY the time it needs to looks at everyones photos and blogs!
But I can’t stay away for long. Hope you enjoy my garden this summer!

Pond life, a toad tadpole. Last year they stayed as tadpoles….hope they don’t this year!

Full flower border. This is by my back door. I love this Rose, I think it’s called Moore’s Striped. It only flowers once, smells divine also.

Evening Primrose, as always, excellent value.

The Bamboo grove is looking good, although no new shoots and a couple of dead’uns. I have planted a Hellebore, the only space available!!

This is a new area…my Buddha and anything thats needs regular watering, very handy!

A new Clematis, Daniel Deronda. Looking forward to a little mingling with the honeysuckle. Thats the best part of waking really early, the scent of the honeysuckles at their best.

This time next week I will have just turned 50!! this is my present from my hubby. I love this arch. Spied it in our local town and put in a request!! I got it early because it was used at a wedding and I saw it. It’s so well made and really pretty, am well chuffed. Dogs don’t seem to mind it either!

The veggie patch, one side…

The carrot, onion, garlic and greenhouse side. All doing well!

The newt and lonesome frog pond!!

The birdcage seat moved to it’s new home between the Black Beauty Elder, viburnam and Holoc tree.

Gaura pink. I gave in and bought the white ones too…in large pots, hope they will over winter and survive in the green house!

Bjs Hostas doing well, well out of the way from slugs and snails!!

Extra lettuce!!

Here are the pots with the Gaura Whirling Butterflies and Tets Nerines…can’t wait for those to flower!!

The cubs are growing!! This was taken using the WildlifeCam….

Mummy fox…

Cleaning up the lawn!!

Just to finish off a close up of that pretty arch!

My favourite Aquilegia…

That naughty cat Millie!!

And a wee medley!

Busy making elderflower cordial today, just picked the flowers before they turned. Looking forward to a cool, refreshing drink but have to wait 48 hours while they steep!
Lots of love to you all this fine summer. X Lulu

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Nice to have you back Lulu, I enjoyed looking at your photos

14 Jul, 2013


You garden is a delight Lou. I love your arch, Gaura and your veggies look good too. Enjoy your elderflower cordial, I always used to make it when the kiddies were little!

14 Jul, 2013


Loved this blog Lulu....welcome back...:>)

14 Jul, 2013


Thank You girls. Good to be back.
Not sure if a Pims isn't the order of the evening GM!!!
Just about to go and give a thorough water!! Things are drooping which never usually droop, including me.
Now a busy week ahead organising 50th birthday bash!

14 Jul, 2013


Nice to hear from you Lulu and to see some pics of your garden. I'd love some of that cordial when it's ready...or perhaps you could give me the recipe???

14 Jul, 2013


Hi Lulu....definitely Pims I think. Good with birthday cake too. That is a nice arch you've got there.

14 Jul, 2013


Hi Lulu, nice to see you back! Brilliant photos of your garden, I love your arch, I have been wanting one like that for years, it should last a life time. I am watching one on eBay, they are always so expensive, but worth every penny. :)))

14 Jul, 2013


I have a recipe Waddy if Lou is busy !!

14 Jul, 2013


Have you tried elderflower Tea? One flower in a cafetiere makes enough for two mugfuls. And you don't have to wait for two days!

14 Jul, 2013


So there you are, Lulu! Have missed you. Lovely blog. The fox cub is adorable and I love your arch. Stera's tea sounds like a great idea too.

14 Jul, 2013


I like your arch :o) Happy birthday for when it comes !
Lovely photos of wildlife and pets also :o)

14 Jul, 2013


Cracking arch Lulu! Good to see you on here again!

14 Jul, 2013


Hi Waddy, the recipe was 20 flower heads 1.5 k sugar, 1 L water, 4 lemons zest and then sliced. Boil water...chuck in sugar..let it cool...throw in flowers zest and sliced lemons and leave for 48 hours. Any flower heads left you can make a tea as Stera says! Sad that the flowers are now over, so can't pick any more to make any tea!
Linda the Pims ran out on friday eve, we had an impromptu BBQ at the cricket ground..I bought enough meat to last the weekend but friends kept joining us and we ran out of everything!
I think this arch was the deal of the wasn't that expensive just an amazing find especially in Tetbury where everything is usually so expensive.

The WLCam is out on the patio tonight. Am hoping to catch the vixen and maybe a cub or two eating up some old cherries I put on the table. I've put them right at the edge of the table, wanting to see her spit the pips out!!
Hello TB, nice to be missed...Now I have to stay up half the night going through all the pics!!! Actually not. it's def bedtime, up at 5.30 each morning!!!
Hywel, Hello..those pink Eveing Primrose still a bit weak to send. How's your new Pusscat?
KS, that arch would look fab in your garden!!

14 Jul, 2013


What a wonderful birthday pressy, and i love the fox's toy are so lucky to see them

14 Jul, 2013


Don't worry about the Evening Primrose. Leave them till next year if you like :o)
Thank you for asking about Bella. She is enjoying herself driving me mad lol !
I wouldn't worry about catching up with GoY. Just take a look when you feel like it. I haven't been on very much myself lately. Other things take priority sometimes :o)

15 Jul, 2013


Fallen in love with your garden, Lulu.
Your arch and seat are lovely; I wouldn't be at all surprised to see fairies caught on your wildlife camera too, I bet they are equally as 'at home' as the foxes and amphibians.
Is your aquilegia a named variety, it is a beauty.

15 Jul, 2013


Funnily enough, I've been thinking about an arch at the entrance to the little gravel path!

15 Jul, 2013


Hi Lulu....everything's lovely and colourful.I have white Gaura which stays in the soil and has survived 5 or 6 winters now! Great that u have tadpoles, let's hope they survive this year!And that arch is have very good taste!

15 Jul, 2013


I'm amazed at your Gaura Paul. do you protect them. I also think that mine get a bit crowded in, which they don't like.
Good luck finding an arch Karen!!
Thanks Zela, I'll tell the fairies you have spotted them!!
Hi CmSue, hope all is good with you?
Glad Bella is being a good puss Hywel. Millie snuck into the house last night, she was ever so pleased with herself. I may have to put in a couple of cat flaps for when she is an old moggie and teach Sluggy to be nice to her and tell hubby to stop hissing at her, it's really annoying and Millie always hisses back. She is a clever cat!

15 Jul, 2013


No protection Lulu, for the white Gaura...Although I did lose my pink one...I think it was swamped by other plants!

16 Jul, 2013


I lost my pink ones first and the next year the white, swamped me thinks!
ps.....the elderflower cordial is simply scrummy. Wish I had made more but the flowers were nearly over. Will collect small pots of a kind I can freeze and make lots and lots next season :)

16 Jul, 2013


Beautiful arch, I have arch envy now :) I would like to replace my damaged wooden one with a metal one. Are you going to grow something over it?

16 Jul, 2013


Great blog Lulu, love the pics of the foxes, it must be great being able to record them like that, your garden is looking good and thats a lovely arch you have there, I hope you enjoy your birthday bash and look forward to seeing more of your wildlife as the summer continues, thats if you don't wilt away in this heatwave......

18 Jul, 2013


Gee Lol. Good luck in finding an arch. Not sure what I'm going to grow over it...don't want to cover it too much because it's so pretty. At the moment I've wired it with planters of geraniums.
Lincslass, the foxes are on a diet of apples whilst preparing for this party (not so smelly as trays of meat) They come out when it's cool and make lots of noise playing in the garden!
There is a massive tent on our back lawn as I er it's getting close now. Off to buy the final food stuff this morning. will post some pics of the view from the marquee onto the garden, it looks so pretty. I think it's slightly cooler on Sat. Today is meant to be another 27 degree scorcher with Sat. being around 25.
It's 4.30 am now, lovely and cool and the birds have just started to sing.
Right back to bed to see if I can have a wee nap!

19 Jul, 2013


Lulu, you are a dear, thanks for the recipe. I shall save it into my favourites and be ready to make it next year, hope the party went well :)

21 Jul, 2013

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