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A little sunny walk


By lulu33


It’s been so cold at the stud but still the foals are out in the paddocks and saw their first bit of something called sunshine today! So camera in hand and dogs at heal (well sort of…more at some distance) I took us for a walk. I was going to have a kip as i woke up this morning allergic to something and I was fed up of sneezing. But a walk seemed a better option!

Treading carefully over the scrummy wild cyclamen, (they were here when we arrived about 10 years ago, love them to bits.)

And giving the tumble dryer fluff a wee check to see if any critters have been using signs yet. Off we set on our walk.

The paddock opposite our cottage has the ‘heavy mares’ in, they are the ones due to foal imminently. They are having a wee sunbathe!

The garlic wood is showing signs of life….soon to be on the salad plate!

And here is the sun! Yay!

And now to the main event of the year…the babies! we have five so far and four or five more to foal.

Having a little natter!

Getting up from a lie down…all legs and wobble!

And at the milk bar!

Jazzy, bored of watching me take photos of ponies has a lie down and a roll in something luckily, not too smelly!

Sluggy on the other hand….did roll

She came hurtling round the corner….

Her friend Trigger waiting to pounce….

Notice the extra dark spot? Smelly!


not for long!

A little play with her Mum to dry off my attempts at washing her!

And a last little pic of some very cold daffs! And the sun has gone in, come out again, back in…can’t make up it’s mind!

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Ahhhh!! those foals are gorgeous, the little one with the wobbly legs really made me smile, your pals are really enjoying themselves, we are having spells of sunshine as well so had a wander outside and a few mins in the g'houses..
Lovely pics Lulu.......

28 Mar, 2013


I feel energised & invigorated already, great walk Lulu!
Digging through a border last year I unearthed ( by mistake) a cyclamen corm, not sure if it was coum or hederafolium but it was the size of a dinner plate, unbelievable when you see how small the flowers are by comparison. I used to harvest the sugar coated seeds before the ants ran off & buried them, some are many years old now.
I remember walking in Wales & smelling garlic but couldn't work out where it was coming from, realised eventually it was the leaves I had crushed on my treck. I had no idea we had such a plant which grew wild here. How strong is the flavour Lulu?
On the strength of your photo I just retrieved the lint from the tumble dryer popped it into a spare bird feeder, good idea !

28 Mar, 2013


Really enjoyable blog don't you just love it when the dogs roll in something .... Lol

28 Mar, 2013


We are all making a dash to our tumble dryers Lulu you have started something here ! you did have a good walk I hope it cured you allergy The horses/ foals are gorgeous :o)

28 Mar, 2013


Nice one Lulu brings back some memories.

28 Mar, 2013


What a lovely walk ~ and you have no snow? The foals are beautiful but i love that picture of embarrassed Sluggy! At full pelt she looks as though she could jump the fence!

28 Mar, 2013


Oh, how I hate it when Molly rolls in dead crabs on the beach!!

28 Mar, 2013


Lovely blog, those foals are so cute!

28 Mar, 2013


Great to see the foals out & about taking in some fresh air! :-))

28 Mar, 2013


Really nice blog Lulu :-)

28 Mar, 2013


Oh those foals are gorgeous and I love that smelly patch, not just mine that does that then. lol :O) Lovely pictures - enjoyed very muchly. thank you :O)

28 Mar, 2013


Thanks all!
Oh dear the pup still smells a bit!
I think it was Grandmage who put me onto the lint for the birds...and Bampy, the garlic leaves have quite a strong, good flavour. I think they are tastier raw..steamed I find a little loss of strength.

28 Mar, 2013


i can vouch for those garlic leaves ~ they are wonderful

28 Mar, 2013


Lol! Must get picking some!

28 Mar, 2013


Lovely ponies
Lovely dogs
Lovely sunshine :o)

28 Mar, 2013


Lovely comment!

28 Mar, 2013


Fabulous ponies
Fabulous dogs
Fabulous sunshine :o)

28 Mar, 2013


Lol Linda!

28 Mar, 2013


Amazing ponies
Amazing dogs
Amazing sunshine :o)

28 Mar, 2013


loved the foals. loved all of it but them especially. lol wish my garden were a bit bigger, I mgith get one myself!

28 Mar, 2013


Hi Lou, yes it was me :) re. tumble drier fluff!! Lovely blog Lou, I love your walks, just wish we had nice walks like that round here. Those foals are beautiful, great photos. :)

29 Mar, 2013


Lovely, Lulu.Absolutely gorgeous foals...and the dogs as usual, of course! And so full of energy!

29 Mar, 2013


Great blog, Lulu.

29 Mar, 2013


Glad you enjoyed. Each year I have a new spring on goy, only 2 so far.....I probably write exactly the same blog! Foals and dogs!

30 Mar, 2013


What about moles & frogs next year? Lol.

31 Mar, 2013


Or piles of logs.....well, nearly!

31 Mar, 2013


Sorry, had to get to the end of the alphabet, almost, to pull that out of the bag. :-)

1 Apr, 2013


I think I done a vole blog...way back in my Goy infancy!

2 Apr, 2013


Voleskin trousers.
You don't see anyone wearing those, do you?
Take too many to make them, I'spose.
Voleskin shorts...hmm. ;-)

3 Apr, 2013


Never ever saw real vole/mole skin trousers! Always a pretend buff cotton. It's a 'Dad' thing, or his age group!
We have a mole man who comes here to the stud where we live. We had a chat about it one day. He said it took hundreds of the critters to make trews!

3 Apr, 2013


That's slave labour!
Must be very hard for them making trews out of their relatives. ;-)

8 Apr, 2013

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