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Inspiration from the Butterfly


By lulu33


Full of wonder,
Flutter by me butterfly.

You are transformation butterfly
And inspiration beats your wings.
You fly by me butterfly,
You fly by me
My heart sings.

Flutter by me butterfly,
That I may dream of being you
And you to be of me.
So full of wonder,
Wonder filled,
You fly by me
I be stilled.

And in your passing I quietly prey,
Upon your gentle flight,
To be illuminated by your shimmer
To be transfixed in light.

And as you fly by me butterfly
You call for me to see
The moment shift
A sudden vision
Of natures gift of how to be.


Silent Circles spring to mind Summer.
Sensual serenity, all soft, slightly sighing.
Enlightened cycles of Spring and summer,
Softly leaving, softly still
Sex expressed,
Shimmer and scintillating
Season of love.

And just one more for the road……………….

Become inspired by the butterfly, by the moth.
Who broke their earthwormed existence,
Their cocoon of mind.
Set themselves free
And Flew.

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What a lovely talent to have Lulu, your verses touched me..

2 Sep, 2010


Thank you Dido x

2 Sep, 2010


Lovely poetry Lulu.

2 Sep, 2010


I really loved your poems Lulu they are very deep and meaningful :-)

2 Sep, 2010


Really, really lovely Lulu.

2 Sep, 2010


You keep writing we on GOU will keep reading.Thank you Lulu

2 Sep, 2010


Wonderful poem Lulu reminds me of my mother, who loved the record elusive butterfly of love, as leaving the chapel of her cremation a butterfly flew passed my sisters and followed them, I was not there is what I was told.

2 Sep, 2010


I didn't recognise the song at first Sixpence from the title but knew it right away when I listened to it on YouTube ;-).....thanks for the link.

2 Sep, 2010


Your welcome Richard, you should listen to his other songs Dale anne and the world is just a b movie.

Dale anne is on here not the first mr zero I think its the next one. I got his album off the net ages ago payed son to get it for me, I know all the songs off by heart through my mum playing when I was a kid

2 Sep, 2010


Thanks I'll take a look Sixpence-hope Lulu doesn't mind our little music chat on her poem blog tho' chat on PM about it?

2 Sep, 2010


Yes I agree Richard just thought would help with poems, catch you on pm.

2 Sep, 2010



2 Sep, 2010


Music chat fine by me, it's great, all that comes from something. It's 2.30am and oh and me have been listening to music for 4 hours, has to drag me to bed....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xxx

3 Sep, 2010


Beautiful poems...I have an affinity with butterflies too. Their transformation from Crysalis to butterfly is a wonder to me. It would take too long to tell you about a dream I once had about the release of a butterfly but it had significant meaning for me....still does. Keep writing and blogging, Lulu.

3 Sep, 2010


Glad you didn't mind me and sixpence taking up some room on your page Lulu. I really love music too it is a big part of my life. ;-)
You could write a blog about your butterfly dream Wistonlass it sounds fascinating. I would definitely love to read it, and I am sure that many others here would love it too. ;-)

3 Sep, 2010


Come on, do tell!! I dreamt I was a lioness once. I could sense my tail and my place in the pride. very interesting it was too!!

3 Sep, 2010


That's another one for the blog Lulu...that sounds a good one too ;-)

3 Sep, 2010


Not sure if we are allowed to blog dreams!!! It was wild life though!! Just finished a LONG puppy blog so no more for now!!!

3 Sep, 2010


Lions would come under the 'nature' blog though Lulu, keep it on the back burner. If you have some time in the future maybe you will feel like writing it sometime :-)

3 Sep, 2010


You could put it under OTHER which would be best Lulu, then no complaints will you get.

4 Sep, 2010

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