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cant be bothered


with digging today,doing nights is killng me,and i might have made a mistake letting the grass grow,but the cats are haveing a great time jumping out on me and ambushing each othere,and its attracting wildlife,im going to wait til it dies down and then do it,anyway what if i get sunburn i am a delicate flower you know lol

my lettuces and tomatoes,and cucumber

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I love the wild look, mind find a tiger or wilder beast in there ! Take it easy.

15 Jun, 2010


poor old you. Let the nettles grow make nettle beer might cheer you up a bit.

15 Jun, 2010


Aww bless you... Could you borrow a Goat!

15 Jun, 2010


No wonder you are tired after doing night shifts! Tell yourself it's a wildlife garden and relax until you are up to it. Oh, and that's a mighty big bottle of Round Up on your windowsill (not thinking of spraying the lot are you?).....;o)

15 Jun, 2010


It's hard when you are working, I agree with it a wildlife garden and enjoy the bugs and beasties it brings! Then tackle it another time when you are less tired! :o))

15 Jun, 2010


Have you thought of keeping chickens? Easier than digging and they are good little weeders too!

15 Jun, 2010


Don't force yourself to do things if you don't feel up to it. It will never work out. Leave it until you are in the mood. It doesn't matter - just enjoy it wild with lots of insects and play with the cats. :o) You're not in a race.

15 Jun, 2010


the roundup is for the weeds in my pavement dylandog its on sale in wilkinsons,its nice to watch the cats enjoy life as ive always been in a flat and i would also love a chicken but they are not allowed and the cats might like it too much,i know its not a race hywel,but my dad and brothers keep popping in(not to help by the way)but to tell me how i should do it and "you dont want to be growing that" and "what you need is veggies dont be needin stupid flowers" like big stupid 7foot stupid men neanderthols,you know if you put a blanket down its like your in the country and nice and peaceful,its playing hell with my hay fever tho and i managed to get sunburn as well,imagin a big red strawberry,thats me,love you and leave you goy fanatics,chris
joke,what did one goy fanatic say to the other goy fanatic.....goy on and do that garden,im crap at jokes,sorry

15 Jun, 2010


aw where will you start.

15 Jun, 2010


I would tell your dad and brothers to shut up and mind their own business lol. What a cheek they've got. It's your garden for goodness sake !!
Tell them what they need in their garden is colourfull flowers to cheer them up the miserable bug***rs :D

16 Jun, 2010


Well said Hywel!....:o)

16 Jun, 2010


thank you hywel,they are mens men and grow big manly vegtables,idiots as you can tell not that close realy

16 Jun, 2010


I'm not surprised. They don't sound like real men to me. Real men (and real women aswell) would offer some support and encouragement. They sound arogant and that's not a thing real men are.

17 Jun, 2010


yous cats are happy & you will get the garden done in your own a bit now & then ...happy gardening

19 Jun, 2010

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