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Most years, I’ve gone out in the garden and planted some daffodil bulbs. I like to anticipate spring and large numbers of daffodils breaking through to brighten the day. It never happened.
Normally there are few sad looking specimens waiting to be crushed by the wind or a cat. It was uninspiring.Then.
I looked out of the back window this morning with a degree of pride. Out there in the garden where some superb plants, yellow daffodils grouped together making the place attractive and interesting.

Outside the back door we do have a small planter – wickerwork box -which was given to the by my mother-in-law the Christmas before last. The dwarf narcissi to which it is home, have packed the planter and look wonderful.

Going going up the garden there are two substantial clusters of daffodils. I think last year it may have been a little bit more care was taken at the time we bought the bulbs.

In any event it is a pleasure to see these plants thriving. The second thing I’m impressed with is that over at the top of the garden is a plastic bin into which all the kitchen waste goes.
Compost is amazing stuff. All that unwanted matter, material that goes into them. The teabags, bits of cabbage,rotten carrots and so on . And it was rotting down.
Success. At last.

There, what enthusiasm!

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Hi Jethro

Ye I think Daffodils really brighten the day up as they come out at just the right time, when we are all fed up with a long winter.

Well done with your compost !

21 Mar, 2011


I've used my compost for the first time, and its lovely stuff - hopefully the plants will really benefit from it.

21 Mar, 2011


Daffodils are such a delight after the winter. My husband thinks I am compost mad.....but you save such a lot of money making your own. It is great stuff!!!

21 Mar, 2011

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