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When we first moved into this house in the late 1980s there was a huge garage at the side of the house. It was on a concrete base which stretched halfway down the garden. We took the garage down, but left the concrete base which was ideal as a play area for a young family. It was good to see the children riding bikes and playing in the sandpit.

Time moved on and the concrete strip was broken up, but still had two sheds on it. Two wooden sheds. I was very fussy about having wood, but is entailed a lot of work. Eventually the sheds came down, the concrete still remained.

The been a lot of work done on the house and a new patio was built. However the concrete at the side was left, right or at least a small area of was and it has now become a mini patio. Last year I just decided to paint the concrete so I bought some industrial floor paint and away we go. Yesterday I put another coat on, to help it through this year, and I think it looks quite good.

I was only prompted to write this because I was looking at other possibilities, including decking, and that seemed very expensive. The floor paint is quite expensive, but it does the job and can be made to look quite reasonable. In any event it is my preferred option over spending money on decking with all the maintenance problems that involves.
I did manage to some planting as well yesterday, we had made the trip to B&Q the night before. I have had some inspiration from the photographs on this site, so let’s go and do some more planting.

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I'm with you about doing more planting Jethro - I just need to get more plants to set - this weekend hopefully.

Looks like you have made really good ue of your concrete base over the years. I think concrete floor paint is very good - when we moved into our house a long time ago we couldn't afford any carpet at first as we have a very large hall, so I painted it with floor paint and put a large rug on it and it looked quite good. It was cetainly a good "temporary fix for a year or two.

What colour have you painted your base ?

24 Mar, 2011


Have you a photo of your finished project, Jethro? It does sound like a good transformation.

24 Mar, 2011


Pikkies please please please

24 Mar, 2011


That was a good idea. I have some concrete flooring where I grow fuchsias in pots. I may copy your idea (hope you don't mind lol)

25 Mar, 2011

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