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I haven’t done much active gardening over the last week or so, but just going out in the garden has been interesting. The seem to be a good number of daffodils coming up in recognisable clumps. Usually when I planted my mixed bag, the occasional daffodil reared its head and looked sad and lonely as the spring grew warmer. The word display has not been applicable.

This year in contrast I can see some of the benefits of what we did in the autumn. The bulbs which went in seem to have emerged in attractive formations and look strong and healthy.

One of the most difficult areas is our small lawn. It was re-turfed last year but now looks like a mini disaster area. Sad looking clumps of grass, do not make for an attractive law. We will try to improve it, with some grass seed and spiking. I do not hold out much hope. We are however, reluctant to take the grass out. There is that feeling that there should always be a grassed area in our garden. Unfortunately the present lawn looks incapable of improvement.

But, one of the most attractive elements of gardening is surprise. I hope to be surprised in the summer by a lush green lawn.Some hope.

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It's nice to see spring bulbs appearing :) They do cheer you up don't they.
I've got rid of my lawns. I think the garden looks better with flower beds and little paved areas here and there, with a path meandering between them. It's less work aswell.
Maybe you should be brave and get rid of your lawn. It doesn't sound as if it will ever look nice, and probably does nothing to enhance your garden.
Think of all the extra plants you could have, and no soggy grass to walk on or waste time cutting :o))

8 Mar, 2011

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