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A Weekend at Home


Its that time of year again and I am getting the itchings to be back in the garden! This will be my second year gardening, so a chance to learn from last years mistakes and build on its progress…. but right now I’m stuck 170 miles away in Newcastle, with four whole weeks to wait until I can get back home to it!!

Being a teenager I have turned to the internet in the hope of inspiration, and to try and satisfy my cravings… although I don’t know many other teenagers who are into gardening… but I am sure they’re out there! It was nice to re-discover my GoY account, and hopefully I will be able to put more pictures up if last years sowing’s flower for me! I went home the weekend before last and was pleased to see that a fair amount of stuff that I hurredly shoved in the earth before leaving for my autumn term has survived! My lychnis coronaria and oriental poppies, heartsease, foxgloves and the odd other tough plant, although it seems as if my echinacea may have been the victim of slugs :( I have however discovered that my oriental poppies are likely to grow a lot bigger than expected….. I planted them pretty close together, not really expecting them to survive (since they had slugs, snails, cats, chickens and the cold to contend with), but now they have I am not sure what to do with them… do I leave them be and hope for the best, or try and shift some and risk killing them off? (I have become very good at being the death of any plant I disturb :/) But I have been having fun deciding which seeds to grow this year (hopefully a lot less than last year, as I rather swamped myself!), and I plan to buy more plants as actual plants (which hopefully I will be able to afford if I have any student loan left :P). But mostly I just look forward to being back outside and watching things grow :) It feels right to be a part of it. Even if that does mean getting my nails all grimey again….. Arley is having some kind of young plants fair on mothers’ day, so we hope to go (weather permitting… although even if it rains I may just have to force my mum into a raincoat and drive us there myself!). Also Newcastle University’s botanic garden is having an NGS open day on the 27th march, which is about a 25 minute walk away from town, so I would

like to go if I can find the courage :P

I hope everyone else is looking forward to this growing year as much as I am (even if you all probably get to start a lot earlier!!! I envy everyone at home during march!… and may!… and early june!) I miss spending my evenings after college in my mum’s greenhouse, cat on lap. It was a very nice way to spend time :)

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Hi Jennyfer. It's nice to hear from gardening teenagers. I was one many years ago lol, and actually from when I was a small child and my dad gave me a bit of the garden to plant things in.

Then when I became a student I used to help my landlady and her husband in their garden.

I would try to move some of your poppies, I think they'll be all right if you moved them now before they come into flower.

I hope we get a nice spring. This winter has been the worst I can remember.

Good luck with your studies. I'm sure you'll pass with flying colours :)

7 Mar, 2011


all the very best jennyfer with your student life, it wont be long to the long summer and you can be in that greenhouse to your heart's content!
last week on the radio i was hearing about a college/university that has allotments? do you have that?
i would try to move one or two of the poppies when it is a little warmer than the freezing cold we have today ~ although i realise you need to move them before they get too big ~ maybe another couple of weeks of warmer weather??? i dont really know.
i love poppies myself and have little welsh ones that pop up all over the garden!

7 Mar, 2011


Thankyou, both of you :)
Welsh poppies are so pretty! We didn't have many last year, only one or two, but I think I saw some seed somewhere....

To my knowledge Newcastle Uni doesn't have allotments; I vaguely google searched it without much luck, but I think I heard on gardeners' question time that Durham next to us does :P (or maybe that was on the internet, I heard or saw it somewhere!) Our house next year has some near it, but we're away for the main growing seasons, so I might see if there are any poor unsuspecting victims I can help out..

When I was little I was given a patch of garden too... but got scared off every time I tried weeding it by this giant red ants next that would send ants crawling all over me when I disturbed it. I think I have got used to them being everywhere now :P

It looks like its going to be a beautiful day in Newcastle, the sun is streaming though my curtains! Although it will probably be very chilly still... Hopefully your spring will spring and the weather will warm up soon!

7 Mar, 2011


Hi Jenny.....I've just discovered your blogs and really enjoyed reading of all your plans. Your description of being in the greenhouse with the cat in your lap sounded so idyllic....hope you conclude your studies for this year so you can return home and share those kind of days again.

I like your enthusiasm...I'll be looking out for further blogs.

7 Mar, 2011


Hi Jennyfer,

How nice to see such enthusiasm - you will certainly spur other people on to get out on their gardens again.

I agree with the others who have said that you should split the poppies up - what have you got to lose and you may well get double the number of flowers if they are all given enough space to grow.

Good luck with your studies and I hope you can spend more time at home when your exams have finished.

Happy Gardening.

7 Mar, 2011


Happy studying and happy gardening Jenny, hope you're getting some sunshine as we are in Lincolnshire. Not long before you are home and out in the garden again. Which course are you on at Newcastle and how many more years before you have finished your studies? Look forward to seeing more pictures when you get back home.

7 Mar, 2011


Thankyou all for your kindness :)
I am in my first year and studying history, so have another two years to go :P

7 Mar, 2011


history of gardens and plant exploration would be nice dissertation???
you could go on lots of nice trips that way.
hope it goes really well

7 Mar, 2011


hehehe, that sounds like a nice idea :P (and a wonderful excuse to go and see places :P), but don't scare me! I have to get through my first two years first!!

We have been doing a bit on the agriculture of europe though....

7 Mar, 2011


Good luck Jennyfer with your studies make the most of it. Uni life I mean. Enjoy

8 Mar, 2011


sorry, didnt mean to scare you ~ i was hoping it was something to look forward to! enjoy your time there!

8 Mar, 2011

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