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By driad


I was overcome with the “cleaning bug” about an hour ago , and I moved ( with difficulty) the 20ft cheese plant that has reigned at the top of our stairs for 20 odd years .
I have moved it infrequently , the last about 2yrs ago .
Anyway , job completed I was just moving it back into position and re-securing it when it snapped , narrowly missing me ! There is about 10ft of it above the break . Can I save it ?
OH is out , but I feel dreadful , it has been part of the family . Ooops !

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Oh Julia what can I say ? pack your little bag and come over to stay with me until the heat dies down and you are forgiven :o( x

14 Apr, 2014


Well gosh! 20 foot!......10 foot now sound easier to manage!
I would think the half in the pot will be fine and probably bush out a bit
does the unattached part have ariel roots,

I put in google propagate swiss cheese plant and they say its easy, the site I read was gardening , it explained how to do it, by cuttings a couple of different ways even cutting into pieces and putting them in water, you have a look!

Don't panic it seems, you will have so many soon you could turn it into a silver lining xxx

14 Apr, 2014


P.S I always thought spring cleaning was a dangerous passtime to be avoided at all costs :0)

14 Apr, 2014


Thanks everyone ; panic subsiding !
Very temping to come for a break , Amy !
I will google that site , Pam . I will be able to bear gifts of cheese plants wherever I go ( with a little luck). Cleaning is definitely a dangerous pastime !
Snoop , he's seen it now and thought that it was spontaneous initially ; I should have kept quiet !
I took pictures of it , but can't find the connection to load them up .
Having a trying day ; did my roots this morning and OH says I've now gone grey !!!

14 Apr, 2014


Hope you have lots of baby cheese plant's :0)

14 Apr, 2014


May all my cheeses be little ones ?

14 Apr, 2014


If this doesn't prove that housework is bad for your health, I don't know what does lol!
I used to have a large Cheese Plant years ago and I also accidentally snapped a piece off. It turned out to do it no harm whatsoever and in fact that snapped off bit produced more growth, so all may not be lost.
As for the OH's comments on the he still breathing?

14 Apr, 2014


Oh dear,sorry Driad,but I'm afraid I have a sad sense of humour and just lolled,when I read your tale of woe..but I think most of us have had a 'what do I do now'? moment..! Thank goodness your OH was ok about it,and as for the grey hair comment..was the broken off bit of your plant ,used to hit him with,or was it too heavy to lift? :o)

14 Apr, 2014


I'm also sorry Driad, I laughed as well !!!!, I know I would have been devastated if that happened to me but its the way you've written about it, I had a mental image of you struggling to move it and then breaking it when you were putting it back.
As to OH's comment, have to say I'm with Sandra and he would definitely be wearing the broken part of said plant, LOL.....

14 Apr, 2014


Oops! I hope you don't have nightmares about it Julia.

14 Apr, 2014


Yes , OH now knows what a necklace of cheese plant is like .
I can laugh about it today , but it was a bit of a shock !
In-depth cleaning def over for the time being , time better spent in the greenhouse .
Glad I caused a smile !
Thanks all .

15 Apr, 2014

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