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Jungle fever


By driad


Pictures are worth a thousand words .

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how will you pot them up? Those ariel roots look a foot long........
it looks a nasty break doesnt it......

Good job you 'confessed' O H would have called in hercule poirot having found a 'body on the carpet!!'

15 Apr, 2014


That's what he said Pam , "it looks like a body there".
It looks very hopeful for propagation , as you have pointed me in the right direction .
I'll have a go tomorrow .

15 Apr, 2014


Uh - oh, hope you weren't hurt Driad? Good luck with the rescue!

15 Apr, 2014


Oh no! These things happen Driad, hope you can salvage something.

15 Apr, 2014


And you certainly didn't exaggerate. It's a bad one!

15 Apr, 2014


Oh Cor Blimey !!! I know I laughed when reading the other blog but seeing the poor plant I now feel guilty.
Surely the original plant will bush out now and possibly be even stronger or doesn't it work that way with them, don't really know much about them, I had one many years ago, I can remember cleaning the leaves with milk to make them shine, one year it just died and all I'd done was move it to another room whilst the xmas tree was up, it sulked and went yellow within a few weeks, never did replace it....

15 Apr, 2014


Well , Lincs , an opportunity has arisen for me to have lots !
I have been potting today , but must try and propagate tomorrow . It is still lying in the sitting-room .
Thanks for all your comments .

17 Apr, 2014

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