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Positive Bee/Butterfly thinking in the GC cafe today


while enjoying my weekly breakfast – 3 packets of
Sarah Raven’s Wildflower Seeds were expensive £7.95.
Therefore must ensure best results.

Decided to move some container plants off my gravel area. Make this space for Bee and Butterfly plants.
Use empty oblong planters for some varieties.
Bought three dark green 16" diameter x 9" deep circular planters £4.99 each. Easier to keep weed free, and damp, as per instructions.
One each for Cornflowers, Greater Knapweed, and
Monardo ‘Bergamo’ which seems to be a bienniel ( if it cant make its mind up) will look for two other varieties when I go next week.

Will half fill the planters with Growbags, as I havent much garden soil. Then the top 2" with old potting compost from the Spring Cabbages growing in the greenhouse – Wild Flower Seeds need old compost, like the soil under hedges where they germinate naturally.

Sarah says to germinate the seeds in 15 – 20 deg.C so
the spare bedroom will be ok. Then transplant seedlings
2" apart in trays at 15 deg.C. and grow on.

Setting up this system should bring best results.
Easier to think out the basics this time of year to get the
best results from expensive seeds.

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I should have included that I intend to position these
containers on the gravel area, almost together, so the
flowers form a compact scented display.

11 Jan, 2014


you never ate 3 packets did you that,s better than two shredded wheat :):):)

11 Jan, 2014


Good luck with that , Diane .
What is Snoopy like ? :-)))

11 Jan, 2014


Good luck Diane, Derek.

11 Jan, 2014


Snoopy, that's exactly my reaction - definitely did a double take there before reading the rest of it!

11 Jan, 2014


Snoop & Co. I took the packets from the Sarah Raven stand because I couldnt read all the detail standing there.
Went to restaurant area to figure out what to do because they were so expensive. Obviously scattering this seed was not a good idea to get the best results.
Whilst waiting 5 mins for my breakfast I studied the detail.
The cook brought my breakfast and said " Scatter this seed all over your garden."
I thought that was a daft idea as I have Bindweed to dig up and Couch Grass to hoe out of cold sub-standard clay soil, but didnt say so as she is a very good cook.
Thought up the short circular planters idea.
Enjoyed my breakfast .
Went and found the planters, went to check out and paid
for the lot.
I put it on in case other Goyers have the same problem.

12 Jan, 2014


Further thoughts on this subject. Think its a good idea
to find a quiet place to study the information before purchasing, particularly seed packets.

Also electrical goods, there are so many new instructions
to learn. Finding the right page in the labyrinth of languages too. This would also apply to garden appliances.

My son fetched me a Digital Microwave. The instructions were mind boggling. Even he couldnt operate it. which gave my ego a welcome boost.
Took it back to the shop and brought me a simple manually operated one.

Happy days. (Keep your receipts.)

12 Jan, 2014


hello diane it was just the first line of your blog that tickled me i was eating my weekly breakfast-3 packets of seedsxxxx steve

12 Jan, 2014


Hello Diane. I' m thinking of putting wildflower seeds in pots too. My garden is clay and many don't like that much. Good luck with yours! PS. I know seeds are nutritious but...........

12 Jan, 2014


Ha ha. There is another aspect to all this. It has given me something to look forward to for Spring.
Will get some more of Sarah Raven's seeds, as have several planters free.

13 Jan, 2014

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