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Sorry I have not been around much


By csarina


December 15th last year was dreadful day for us. My youngest son died aged just 45.

Since then life has been a rollercoaster and it’s by no means finished.

We were astounded at the number of people who attended the service in January, the chapel was over flowing and people standing at the back. One of his friends drove up from Cornwall.

I am just starting to look at the garden, I planted a load of daffs in both the front and back in the late autumn. The garden is starting to wake up after the winter. I think we may have lost a couple of shrubs. I will wait a bit longer and see if there are any more signs of life, if not they will be dug up. OH has been busy getting the veg beds ready, the cloche is on to warm up the soil. Onions and garlic that were planted in the autumn are looking good.

Hope fully the garden will keep us in vegetables this year, and I plan to freeze what we do not eat. We have rhubarb coming through, a black bin has gone over 1 crown to force it.

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I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It must be devastating for you.
I hope that your garden, in time, may help you through your grief.
It's nice to know you are now looking forward to working in it.

22 Mar, 2016


I am so very sorry to read what you have been through, every parent's worst nightmare.

25 Mar, 2016


Oh Csarina I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Every parents worst nightmare. From what you have said it sounds as though he was well loved and will not be forgotten. I hope you can find some comfort in that and that the rest of the year is kinder to you.

28 Mar, 2016


Really sorry to read of your loss Csarina, life has been tough for you and I am pleased you are looking forward to spending time in the garden, I find it helps ease the heart and mind watching things grow in a garden...

29 Mar, 2016

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