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When we got up this morning G was already hard at it, the garden is finished the last sod was turned just before noon. We are so grateful to G, we would never have got it done so quick, now all OH has to do is make sure the weeds do not get a hold again. We have to get some wood to make the divisions between the beds.

Turning the last fork full.

We are so grateful to G for all the digging, it would have taken us ages to dig it over. He has taken out weeds as he has dug, so it should be easier for us to keep it under control. I need to get the wood now to mark out the beds.

I placed some more pots this afternoon, found a pot I thought was a camellia its a choisya, realised when I smelt the blossom.

I think we have enough plants for the back, I have left room for them to spread and also for the bulbs I am going to put in. I just need a few more for the shady bit of the garden.

We need to spend time in the front garden now, I am not sure what I am going to put in but I want perennials rather than annuals.

We have a problem with slugs, they have decimated the lupins, delphiniums and foxgloves. I love those plants, so I am going to have to find something to keep the blessed things off my plants. The only thing I have found that really works is slug pellets but we have a blackbird who comes into the garden, I do not want to harm her. She will come and sit by OH’s feet waiting for him to turn up a worm. I also have several Hostas which are going in, the slugs love them too. Previously I have grown them in pots, but decided to put them in the one bit of shady ground we have. The two really big ones will stay in the pots along with the lilies.

Can hardly wait until next year!!

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This is so impressive Csarina. I too have a problem with slugs. I thought I might get a second flowering from my Lupins......the slugs put an end to that. I stopped growing Delphiniums as the slugs got them before I even knew they had surfaced. Good luck with the planting.

2 Aug, 2015

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