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By csarina

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OH spent a while this morning uncovering the brick path up to the shed, he then sprayed the weeds on either side of the path.

I spent the morning cleaning the toilet and the kitchen cupboards. Toilet left soaking, cupboards sparkling. I just have to put a slight coat of wax on then. The tops of the cupboard were disgusting. I do not think they had ever been wiped over since they were put in 3 years ago.

No bungalow tomorrow, we are going Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

Three weeks today we will have moved in!!

I am feeling better today thanks, no idea what was going on yesterday, but I felt rough for most of the day.

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When I moved into this flat I spent 40 hours cleaning the kitchen before I would bring any food over and put in it.
That was after the Estate Agents had put the cleaners in before it was sold to me !
Then I redecorated the rest of it.
The lounge ceiling was dark brown with cigarette smoke. I covered it with polystyrene tiles, and emulsioned them white.
It had been rented out to an agency.
How some young people live is beyond belief.
The garden hadnt been touched for 8 years.
But the price was right, and I liked the view from the kitchen window.

8 Jun, 2015

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